Pep talk for Jewellery Students by CKC Jewellers

In few months the jewellery course students will be out in the market and be facing the real world, there will be a lot of challenges waiting for them. JD Institute of Fashion Technology always believes in Industry guidance and when the time came for the diploma in jewellery students to have their pep talk on the Know how’s of the Industry, C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellery (CKC Jewellery) in Karnataka was one of the first few who was approached and was ready to do the talk session and guide our students.

CKC a Jewellery Company with more than 150 years of Industry Experience, formed in 1869 at Karnataka. With few branches and concentrating in the state of Karnataka CKC has come a long way. Over the years it became one of the trusted jewellery brands of the public. They believe in Industry Ethics and strives hard to serve the society with Hight Quality Jewellery products. Their vision is to be leaders in the Jewellery Industry both in Internationally and in India. They believe that they are accountable and committed to the high expectation of the Public.

Pep talk for Jewellery Students by CKC Jewellers

The talk session was led by Col. Vijender Singh Kadyan, Managing HR, Administration and Facility along with Ms Bhuvaneshwari, Merchandiser at CKC, along with their team. The area of discussion was mainly about the performance of Gold and Jewellery Industry over the years, especially in today’s world, India Stands at number 3, after China and USA, in the usage of Gold. In terms of Business Volume India Exports 93% of its cut and Polished Diamonds. It is important to know the data for a clear forecast in the Jewellery Industry. One of the main challenges a Jewellery Designer goes is forecasting trends.

The retail Jewellery Industry is growing day by day and there is a huge scope of more designers in the market. People are into customized products and there are many aspects which needs to be considered while creating designs, like Audience, Age Group, Occasion while we also need to do research on Demand, Product range, price point, target marketing and Presentation.

The Students had a Q&A session to clear some of the queries they had, Samanvita of Diploma in Fine Jewellery asked which important, Manual or CAD, for which CKC is replied to focus on which we are strong at, while the Industry prefers both. The session came to an end and CKC stated that they were very happy with the way the young jewellery designers think and especially they applauded JD Institute for guiding them in the right direction.

Pep talk for Jewellery Students by CKC Jewellers

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