JD Institute of Fashion Technology - Dibrugarh

JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Dibrugarh

JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Dibrugarh, Meticulous industry-centric training combined with essential learning, prepares students to be pioneers in their line of work in the creative world at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. The experience gives them an insight into the intricate workings of the domestic and international fashion market.
Spearhead your career in Fashion with us!

You will learn essential skills under the guidance of industry experts, thus acquiring a deeper understanding of how the fashion industry functions. The program will also help you to identify your strengths and interests so that you can direct your creative energies towards achieving the desired goal.
Career Opportunities:

Fashion Designers
Costume Designers
Fashion coordinators
Fashion stylists
Fashion consultants
Freelance Designers & much more!

JD Dibrugarh is fast becoming one of the finest fashion design colleges, thus bringing in the often neglected state of North East India to the forefront of the mainstream Indian fashion industry. Want to find out more? Join us at our Dibrugarh Campus, today!

Besides Fashion Design we also offer Interior Designing and Jewellery Designing programs. Our intensive course module is perfect for anyone with creative bending of mind and passion, thus enabling an individual to march towards his/her creative goals.
Getting Enrolled

Wait, no longer, explore your creativity and give wings to your dream with JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Dibrugarh. To apply and appear for the entrance test fill up the online form.


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