Opportunities for an Interior Designer – Roles in Corporate Brands and as Entrepreneurs

Opportunities for an Interior Designer – Roles in Corporate Brands and as Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when you had to choose between Engineering or Medical. The education system is expanding and opening doors to various other streams and courses for students. Majority of people look for either Engineering or Medical owing to the vast scope and opportunities it holds. But with time, there is a shift towards courses like Fashion, Interior Designing, etc.

The traditional system of teaching is fading away, and new forms of teaching have shown up. Interior Design Course is one such stream of education that is gaining popularity in recent time. Many people do not wish to opt this stream thinking that it has no scope or opportunity in future. But a career in interior designing is a boon for those who are creative and love to design homes.

Opportunities for an Interior Designer

Interior design course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology has everything to do with aesthetically pleasing the interiors of the building to make the environment pleasing. For example, colourful walls and paintings would be a better option for a kindergarten than the dull white walls. Interior designer makes sure that every element fits perfectly in the building. This art is not as easy as it seems. It requires researching and conceptualising the architecture, planning the space efficiently along with maintaining the aesthetic, talking to the stakeholders, making the layouts and execution of the design.

This is a field for those who have a creative side and like to experiment with things. In recent times, Interior Designing has gained popularity and opened opportunities – be it working for corporate brands or as Entrepreneurs.

Opportunities for an Interior Designer

Celebrities like Sussanne Khan, Twinkle Khanna, Gauri Khan, Sandeep Khosla, Rajeev Sethi, etc. are into Interior Designing. This brings the role of an interior designer to next level.

As an Interior Designer, you can work with corporate brands. Various architectural firms require an interior designer to help them assist in increasing the aesthetic meaning of the building. Not only will this increase your exposure but it will also help you to network with corporate people that are related to your field. Corporate brands usually deal with office spaces, malls, schools or institutes, societies, etc. The mere architecture of the building is not enovugh.

Opportunities for an Interior Designer

An interior designer makes sure that the office space is well ventilated and spacious, the schools have enough play area, the societies have gardens etc. You can also work from the project. Collaborate with a corporate brand on a particular project, assist them and execute the design, and then work with other brands. This gives you multiple exposures.

You can also turn out to be an Interior Designing Entrepreneur and have your designing firm. If you have a unique idea or design related to interior decors, you can think big and start your venture out of it. Various entrepreneur associations can assist you in starting your interior designing business. It is all about taking the first step. After all, tremendous opportunities are waiting ahead for you in the field of interior designing.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a plethora of industry connections for students right from the beginning of the course in the view to create an ultimate exposure for students and help them evolve as confident young and creative designers.

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