Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology had an open discussion on the taboo behind sex education in India with leading actor Sonakshi Sinha

sex education sex education - Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology with teh starcast of Khaandani Safhakana - open discussion on the taboo behind sex education

As an educational institution, it is our fundamental duty to educate the next generation. With the release of KhandaniShafakhana there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology had a brainstorming session with Sonakshi Sinha. The students witnessed open discussions on the taboo-stricken topic “Sex”. The movie revolves in and around discussing sexual issues openly like a general matter instead of treating it like a taboo(Sex education)

Students of various campuses of JD Institute from all across Delhi were present to take a bold initiate and a step towards transforming the conservative society in India. Jediiian Akansha and Ria captivated the starcast by asking some thought-provoking questions around abortion ban and its ill-effects on teenage girls, parents going through the uneasiness of “the hush thing” to spread-out and making their child go to underqualified doctors.

Sex education, a sensitive topic that should circumpass every generation as it concerns health, transmission of various sexually transmitted diseases, knowledge of contraceptive pills, condoms and various other birth control insights. Even the celebrities themselves went through the phase of uneasiness when Varun Sharma said, ‘Bada intrigue hota tha iss sex shabd ko leke.’ He also opined on the shift of the movies from being aspirational-kind to relatable-kind and thus having a mass viewership as it relates to many common people’s lives. Whereas, Sonakshi Sinha never had a straight talk on sex with her parents. On the other hand, Badshah is eagerly waiting to have open chat on sex with his daughter.

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