On the Grill – When Interior Architecture met Cuisine

The evening organised as a collaboration between IIID and Nolte saw an amazing mix of food lovers, interior designers and Architects. The evening started with a walk-through of history on evolution and perspectives of the humble kitchen to the modern.

One of the major high light of the evening was the interactive session with architect Sandeep Khosla and chef Manu Chandra.The topic revolved around the future of kitchens which saw some crazy ideas and expectations being placed high on Artificial Intelligence for cooking.


on the grill
With renowned Architect Sandeep Khosla


An interactive kitchen could be the future. AR Khosla gave insight into this with a futuristic example of your smartwatch calculating the energy one expended in your daily exercises and sending the analysed message to the cooking range. Cooking range advising a diet based on that day’s calories and sending the information to the fridge to process and fridge making a list of ingredients and ordering the same for you.


on the grill
With renowned chef Manu Chandra


Nolte was brainstorming ideas for a futuristic kitchen. Communities kitchen was a public favourite topic as it saved on money and time and helped in socialising. Chef Manu spoke about the newest gadgets in the kitchen that was used in cooking up a good meal.
JD Institute, Interior Design faculty shared inputs on emotional quotient of kitchens. A future kitchen which can recognise our facial expressions and change ambience, music, light and setting based on our emotions. The ideas went on and on…And then we had to wind up.


on the grill
With renowned chef Manu Chandra


Then we spent time with our Alumni, working with Nolte. It was a beautiful moment to see our students doing so well and confidently shouldering their responsibilities on behalf of Nolte.

The session had a perfect end with a tour of Nolte studio. Their newest products were on display. Overall a very interactive session and can sum it as an evening well spent. Being mentors to the JEDIIIANS, preparing them for the JD Annual Design awards 2018, this kind of talk sessions help the Interior Design Course faculty to shed some light on the industry happenings to the students making their product presentation apt for the market.


on the grill


on the grill
With Mr Alok- Nolte


on the grill
With JD Alumini






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