Networking in the Fashion Industry using Social Media

Networking in the Fashion Industry using Social Media

The fashion industry has come ahead of shows, collection previews, and ramps. Fashion is now served to us on our screens based on what we like, who we choose to follow, and what our aesthetic sensibilities are. People no longer have to wait for invitations to exclusive shows to see what Dior has to offer for Spring Summer or what Ralph Lauren’s latest fashion feat is. The emerging influencer industry thrives on our Instagram feed and graces our Facebook updates every day, waging a war against novel algorithms ever so efficiently.

Networking in the Fashion Industry

As the fashion industry fill our feeds, ready for consumption, what does it take to network in the industry using social media? With the establishment of social media as a medium to showcase and sell fashion, a set of etiquettes have evolved simultaneously which ensure a response. Discussed below are a few first steps you can take note of towards building a professional relationship.

1. Follow Brands You Want To Work For

Are you following the brand you wish to connect with? This is the first step to get on the radar of the brand/company/designer. This also means that you will be well-acquainted with their ethics before finally going ahead to initiate an interaction.

Networking in the Fashion Industry

2. Engage With Your Audience/Others in the Industry

Sure, shout-outs can get you followers in a matter of a few hours. But, does that build lasting relationships with people you wish to work with? Perhaps not. The most honest approach to networking in the industry is to engage with your followers, respond to their comments thoughtfully, and be appreciative of the time they invest in your content.

3. Connect with Your Available Contacts

This is where your LinkedIn profile can prove to be of invaluable help. Rather than making noise in the abyss of social media, treat the contacts you already have as an established base for you to rely on. Add pertinent people in the fashion industry, follow their updates, keep your profile updated and who knows, you may end up with a recommendation from a resourceful person in the industry.

Networking in the Fashion Industry

4. Share Content That Reflects Your Personality

Perhaps the most invaluable way in which you can attract traffic to your profile, be it on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook is by curating your content in a way that reflects your personal brand the best. This gives the brands/companies/designers a concrete idea of your sense of aesthetics and the quality of input in the content which may align with their ethics appropriately.

Networking in the Fashion Industry

5. Don’t Shy Away From Asking For Recommendation

Last, but not the least, if you think you can ask for a recommendation for a certain collaboration or project that you wish to get your hands on, this step is a sequel to point #4.

If you can see social media as a sea of opportunities, you will know that you can either swim across successfully or get drowned in the flurry of existing content. In the fast-paced fashion industry, there is no other way to reach the top than catching the next wave before it passes over. Don’t pass up an opportunity to excel in the field of design. Explore the various Design courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology to create a foundation in design and start networking.

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