Makeup and Artistry is a Skill that anyone can Master from JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Makeup and Artistry is a Skill that anyone can Master from JD Institute of Fashion Technology


“Makeup is not a mask that covers your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” Michelle Phan phrased it beautifully.

Most of us have a lifelong affair with this paraphernalia- eyeliner, mascara, kohl, blush, foundation, mousse and yes, lipstick. The gentlemen also care for external grooming and like their creams, gels, and balms in place, but most do not overtly sprinkle their love on makeup as we do.

Being practised from the Neanderthal era, makeup heightens our features. Whether it was covering faces with paint, or Cleopatra, the most beautiful Queen of Egypt, using the juice of pomegranate seeds for lipstick, makeup practices have evolved through ages.

The right makeup can speak volumes about a person; actors are witness to that. However, a hint of extra blush, slightly smeared kohl or more-than-necessary foundation can go wrong.

Nailing that perfect look and standing out amongst hundreds of makeup-smeared faces takes special care. The goal is to make your beauty look natural.

Makeup and Artistry is a Skill that anyone can Master

Here is where 1 Month Diploma in Makeup Artistry Course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology can help.

The program educates about the latest advancements in the makeup industry, tools, and trends around the world. A student is trained to be a qualified professional makeup artist with certification. Real-world industry exposure, live projects and experienced celebrity makeup artists as trainers equip you to dabble in bridal, theatre, film or personal grooming makeup spheres.

The diploma course usually requires no previous experience or skill-sets, which are compensated for by rigorous practice sessions. They provide exposure to all forms of media and let the student explore the relationship between the makeup and the camera.

Makeup artistry is a glamorous job and lets you rub shoulders with celebrities. It also has a lot of scope for experimentation- pull out grandma’s recipes of milk for supple skin or aloe-vera for lustrous hair.

Demand for professionals in India is rising due to rising standards of living. Opportunities are many, with scores of fancy international salon chains expanding their operations here, shaping a career is possible. And this is not limited to the ladies, many top makeup artists to celebrities of the film industry are men.

Can’t wait for on occasion to put on makeup? Love what it does to you? Maybe you found your calling here! Admissions are open for one-month Diploma Course in Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Explore here:

Summing it up with Beyonce’s words-“A smile is the best makeup any girl (and boy) can wear.”



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