Make in India - JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Make in India – JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Make in India – JD Annual Design Awards 2016

Just like every year, this year also JD Institute of Fashion Technology will organise its Annual Design Awards. This year the theme for the annual event is ‘Untold Stories’. In keeping with the Government of India’s initiative, ‘Make in India’, the annual show will focus on narrating the untold stories of our artisans, craftsmen and weavers, thus celebrating the rich heritage of our textile and clothing history, which is deeply ingrained in our cultural fabric. The show will be witnessing almost 50 collections with more than 300 garments from our gen-next designers.

Mission and Vision

Indian craftsmanship has been known since time immemorial and is appreciated and celebrated worldwide for its richness, diversity and the storytelling artistry. With a long-standing history of textile, design stories, and an ancient legacy of culture, India has it all to make its fashion and garment industry one of the biggest success stories. This can be achieved only if we acknowledge and work hand in hand with the untapped talent pool of skilled artisans and craftsmen.

Our skilled artisans are an integral identity of our country-India, which forms the story of our diverse culture, a celebration of our traditions; craftsmanship and exquisite creativity.  The project aims to give recognition and honour to the country’s innumerable skilled artisans, craftsmen and weavers, and bring them to the centre stage,  who are almost on the verge of extinction because of lack of awareness and administrative support. The event will create a platform for the artisans and craftsmen to display their work, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship and at the same time give them the much-needed respect and dignity that they deserve.


  1. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to uplift the status of craftsmen and artisans across the different states.
  2. Partnering with the artisans to help restore their longstanding work
  3. To highlight the hidden creativity and craftsmanship skills of the various artisans.
  4. To focus on the rich heritage, culture and diversity present in the works of these craftsmen.
  5. To use fabric and textile story that has an ancient yet contemporary, untold story.
  6. The JD Annual Design Awards will be a showcase of traditional yet contemporary aesthetics, where the essence of Indian craftsmanship and its modern interpretation will be one of the highlights.
  7. To provide a platform to ensure recognition to the ignored sections of the society.
  8. The event will be used as a platform for buyers and future fashion leaders to meet and discuss potential business relationships.
  9. An initiative and a symbolic recognition to restore the rich handloom, artistic and textile tradition of India


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