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Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS

Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS

Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS

JD Institute’s teaching methodology for fine jewellery design course involves a lot of out of the classroom activities. It’s important for the jewellery students to know the real feel and know-how of the jewellery industry. The jewellery design course curriculum is designed in a way to make sure the JEDIIIANS are been exposed to Industry to give them that extra edge, from the other institutes. So, when Nikhaar Jewellery invited the students for an industrial visit, it was really an exciting moment for the students and faculty.   Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS   Nikhaar Jewellery, a brand which concentrates on exclusive and top-notch jewellery pieces began in the year 2005. Located in Bangalore, over the years it has become one of the most preferred jewellery in Bangalore. Nikhaar believes in customer relationship by providing trust, great quality, service and startling designs.   Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS   The Industry visit was more of an interactive session between the JD Institute students along with Mr. Abhishek, & Mr. Khamar. The students have explained the manufacturing process and the hiccups they have during the execution of a design from paper to the final product. The advice these veterans gave to the young designers was to keep the technical part of the production while creating the designs.  For a successful product execution, it’s very important that the karigars get the orthographic views of the designs with all the possible angles. Apart from the issues faced in production, they had a healthy discussion on stone setting, different kinds of setting for stars, melle and pointers. The Karigars also explained the importance of polishing in fine jewellery and the role of rhodium etc.   Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS   The session was very productive especially for the fine jewellery students who are stepping into the industry after a year. Ms. Surbhi – HOD Jewellery Department stated that” the session was really helpful, especially about the problems faced by the karigars, she explained that a designer’s product will be a triumph when he or she considers the technical aspect while designing”.  Hopefully, these kind of activities gives experience to the aspirants, helping them to take care of all the important aspects of a jewellery design execution.   Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS Jewellery Industrial Visit by JEDIIIANS

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