JEDIIIANS at Kids Fashion Runway, Bangalore

The best way to understand a job is being “on the job”, so when the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore got an opportunity to work as volunteers for Kids Fashion week, they grabbed the opportunity. Bangalore’s most spectacular Kids Fashion Runway with its second edition took place on 20th January at MSR hotel Yelahanka, which was organized by the Fog Fashion Studio. The main aim of kids fashion week is to promote international and national brands of kidswear in India.


JEDIIIANS at Kids Fashion Runway



The world of fashion is taking a new generation by storm. And this generation is young, small and tender. We could see this thing coming up live while working at the event. A lot of excitement and fun was there last weekend. Brands like Kair, Tommy Hilfiger and Meenu showcased their collection which was spectacular and well received by the audience. The show was a major success and well received by the audience. It was a great platform for JD students to showcase their volunteer and dexterity skills to accomplish the tasks given to them




JEDIIIAN Yashasvi Jadwani stated that “it was the first time we got an opportunity to work for a Kids Fashion Show and it was indeed a pleasant experience, especially grooming and styling the kids for the event. While working for the event, we learnt that fashion has a very wide reach and holds a lot of importance in the kid’s sector as well where various brands are launching their own kid’s collection. I am grateful to JD Institute of Fashion Technology for giving us this exposure and Opportunity”.


JEDIIIANS at Kids Fashion Runway


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