The Interior of an organization says about the character of the place, it’s important to get a positive vibe for the people working as well as visitors. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Interior Design department HOD, Ms Julie writes about the Interior Design Trends 2018.

The pink obsession in Interiors of 2017 is not going anywhere soon but it will eventually reduce in 2018. Hence it is advisable to use pink in accessories, non-permanent fixtures, furnishings and limit it to tiles etc. The change this year in Interiors would be our reconnection back with nature. The wellbeing of interiors, materials with a purpose, Green and sustainable interiors with environmental friendly approach will be adopted. Organic materials, traditional handicrafts and design will be emphasised in interiors. Dark wood colours and blackened surface effects would be preferred a lot of interiors. Gold accents will continue to be used with the warm hues. However, 2018 will see a return to silver metallic. Again, we will see Terracotta and rich earthy colours replacing the emerald green which will stay however in 2018. Rusty shades like ‘Rustic Wicker’ and ‘Norwegian wood’ are being added to 2018 colour cards by famous paint brands.


INTERIOR DESIGN TREND 2018 interior design trends 2018 - Rustic Wicker - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 1: ‘Rustic Wicker’ paint by Valspar interior design trends 2018 - trouva - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 2:


‘Matt Black’ would be the new colour. Pinterest has stated that saves for black interiors have increased 140%. Pantone colour institute too emphasised intense warm tones for 2018, earthy hues of red, brown and yellow blended with rosy tones. Shades of yellow can brighten a room, it would be a modern neutral.

PPG PAINTS interior design trends 2018 - PPG Paints - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018


Maximalism is a new trend that is predicted for 2018. Here, “more is more”. This is a tremendous change in interiors. So, the interiors are going to be fun, exciting and end user’s expression.

trouva interior design trends 2018 - trouva1 - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 4:


Maximalism is crammed with contrasting prints and patterns and is going to change interior design trend on its head.


House wives collection by LaDoubleJ. interior design trends 2018 - House wives collection by LaDoubleJ - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 5: Housewives collection by LaDoubleJ.


Minimalism and Scandinavian trends will see fewer takers in the market. So, the change would be vibrant interiors where we will be going back to our roots for the more cultural experience.

Geometry and cubism will find a place in interiors this year. Commercial, retail and workspace will be remodelled as casual leisure spaces keeping the focus on experience than aesthetics. The furniture’s and accessories too would reflect Maximalism. Since it is all about experience and expression the elements of tactile texture in accessories will gain popularity. Velvet is predicted to take the main role in interiors in 2018. This will enable one to experience extra comfort and expression including wellbeing of interiors. Coming to the materials section, ‘materials with a purpose’ would take over. Furniture from recycled plastic etc will see a lot of takers. The ceiling will now become decorated in 2018. It would be safe to say ‘classical Traditional Design elements’ will make a big come back in 2018.


Fig 6: interior design trends 2018 - trouva2 - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 6:
Fig 6: interior design trends 2018 - trouva3 - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 7:


Interior design in India in 2018 will have all vibrant colours of our country getting on centre stage. Shades of yellow would be the top trend, symbolising Turmeric, sun etc. Ochre yellow, burnt orange, burnt maroon are going to be the colours of India.


Fig 7: interior design trends 2018 - pinterest - JD Institutes take on Interior Design trends 2018
Fig 8:


Patterns in fabrics and accessories, dark wood such as ebony and rosewood will give an authentic interior appeal. Cultural reflection is going to be the trend and it will be a cause to support our environment. Cork would be the ideal material with a purpose for flooring, cabinet doors and walls. Copper and bronze materials would become part of interior aesthetics. Large pendant lights would become emphasized. This year the trend in India would be finding practical and eco-friendly pleasant and comfortable interiors.

Spaces would be improved so that the quality of communication between people improves.



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