JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID

The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is the country’s premier body of Interior Designers formed in the year 1972 to establish good professional and fair trade practices among the community. IIID is the only professional body of India, which is a part of ASPDA (Asia Pacific Space Design Association).  The main motive of IIID is to expand the contribution of the interior design profession towards improved quality of life in contemporary and future societies by the sharing of knowledge, experience, and understanding.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore campus became the institutional member with IIID. The main objective of this membership is to conduct workshops, seminars, and programmes for the benefits of students on suitable subjects. One more key aspect of this association is students will be eligible to apply for various scholarships which IIID offers every year.


JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID  - IIID 1 - JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID


A critical need in interior design profession is to realize the roles, responsibilities, and methodologies that evolve according to people’s social, economic, and political culture. However, the goal of the design is to make the world and society better for all. With a view to the advancement of the interior design profession in India, the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) came up with an idea of highlighting and exchanging good design practices, knowledge and the know how’s of the industry. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the pioneers in providing Design education and practices across India became an institutional member of this institution to promote excellence in interior design. JD Institute’s association with IIID gives students access to affiliated interior designers, guest speakers, and seminars. With strong alliance like these, the course promises to offer intensive opportunities to students.

JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID  - IIID 2 - JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID


The event happened on 11th October 2018 at Good Shepherd’s auditorium under the presence of top dignitaries of IIID and JD Institute. Designer Prataph Vasant Jadhav (president, IIID), Shyamala Prabhu (Chairperson, Bangalore Chapter) and Gayatri Shetty addressed our students for the same.



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