Interior decor trends for 2019

Changes in fashion are instantaneous and happen in the blink of an eye. So, while it is easy to part ways with the pair of jeans which was trending just a few days ago, it can be quite gruelling to change the expensive accent flooring in your living room.

Interior decor trends for 2019
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So, before you plan to jazz up your home, check out these interior décor trends for 2019 so that your house stays à la mode the whole year.

Spice up Your Walls with Floral Accents

If you are looking forward to designing a signature wall for your living room, try floral patterns in feminine shades like blush, coral, and dusty pink, or experiment with bold colours like grey or taupe. You can also pick up wallpapers with abstract floral accents which would instantly add a vibe of freshness to your room without being too heavy on the pocket.

Interior decor trends for 2019
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Let Your Ceilings Do the Talking

Show some love to your room ceilings by painting them in hues of emerald green, sapphire, or orchid. False ceilings with abstract patterns like checks, geometrical motifs, and neat cutouts would add the much-needed zing to your home.

Interior decor trends for 2019
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Boho Is Here to Stay

Add some colour and character to your rooms by playing with coloured and patterned cushions, rugs, wall hangings, and colourful seating. If you have indoor plants in your room, try replacing the conventional pots with painted bamboo or clay pots and see your place transform in no time.

Interior decor trends for 2019

Say Yes to Sustainability

Tour your city and the neighbouring towns for traditional handmade pieces to add a touch of elegance to your abode. Signature items and furniture crafted out of bamboo, jute, and wood can be the best picks when it comes to decorating your balcony or bedroom.

Interior decor trends for 2019

A Kiss of Nature Is All You Need

It can be quite a task to maintain an elaborate garden in our compact homes today. You can still embrace nature by bringing in plants to add a hint of greenery to your dwelling. You can opt for plants like Indian rubber plant, Marble Queen pothos (money plant), or the fiddle leaf fig which can easily brighten up your indoors.

Interior decor trends for 2019


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