Intach Walk & Workshop – Interior Design Department

A day spent, being immersed in the history of our city Bangalore at Tipu’s Armoury and Bangalore fort. The Interior Department at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore organized a workshop for students from 2nd-year Advance Diploma and One-year Diploma June 2016 batch in collaboration with Ar. Pankaj Modi from INTACH Bangalore.

Ar. Pankaj Modi explained the brief history of the city with old photos taken back in time at Tipu’s Armoury. Students understood the planning of the city based on its location and topography. Tipu’s armory in the city was an absolute treasure for our students. The history of Tipu Sultan’s armory was unveiled and how Intach took initiative and cleared the historical structure of armory. The function and design of the structure were explained so that students could experience the quality of space and its reason being that way.

There was an interesting activity for students. Basic plan and sections of a structure were given to students and they had to give design proposal so that the structure could be retained and made visible to public keeping historic sensitivity of structure alive. After the presentation by our students, they were taken to Bangalore Fort gate. The design was made in a very strategic manner so that it would be impossible for enemies to invade. Students entered in dungeons made for British prisoners and could feel the intensity of torture themselves by being there for a couple of minutes. Overall it was the amazing experience for students and faculties where they could experience the history of the city.

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At JD, we believe in exposing our students to the best ideas in business. To ensure the same, we conduct regular seminars and workshops where we host inspiring professionals and try to create an environment conducive for interaction and for the exchange of creative synergy.




Intach Walk & Workshop – Interior Design Department…!

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