Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize – A workshop with Anuj Sharma


Inspiration is around the corner, all we need to do, is to see it and transfigure it… 

The Jewellery students of JD had a productive day on 19th November in JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore. The button masala workshop activity, a one-day event to develop, inspire and open the imagination of our students, conducted by Mr. Anuj Sharma. His idea of using button and buttonholes along with rubber bands which started the revolution of button masala. Since then his clothes are on trend due to its easiness, maintainability and having multiple options wearing the same attire.

Button Masala

The button masala hullaballoo was going on for a while and it was exciting to see the happiness on the faces of students when the day came. The JEDIIIANS braced themselves with raw fabric, buttons, sequins, rubber bands and other resources required to make drapes and accessories.

Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize

The workshop began with the inspiring story of Mr. Anuj Sharma where he explained how he developed the brand Button Masala, “it all started when he spotted a man whose shirt was asymmetrically buttoned and that’s when the idea of how a raw cloth and buttons can make a dress wearable in different forms dawned on him. He developed his idea, tried the various possibilities of using buttons and buttonholes in fabric straps. Soon more and more ideas were flowing, and he started developing and expanding from clothes to accessories to art and furniture”. His collection was showcased at LAKME FASHION WEEK and received rave reviews on his work and innovation.

Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize

The entire workshop was more of a fun interactive session, his way of conducting workshops is adding humour to this point and explain it, he explained how certain things can inspire us and how ideas can be developed. Mr. Anuj was telling that a creative person needs to keep their eyes open and see around because they don’t know when ideas can hit them. He explained it’s not necessary to sketch because you can imagine your idea and work on materials and Mannequins, interestingly even famous designer Coco Chanel had the same way of doing things, she never sketched but she innovated the little black dress.

Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize

The session also covered the live making of clothes, accessories among students where Mr. Anuj personally supervised each student and gave them his suggestions. The students were doing the entire work with a lot of enthusiasm, coming up with more than one idea making them think unconventionally. JD faculty Usha said, “these kinds of workshops help students to think freely, out of the box and with ingenuity, they start actually see the various ideas that can be developed or get inspired from different visuals around them”.

Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize

As an Institute, JD Information of Fashion technology always believes that practical knowledge helps our students more than classroom training, we believe the more the students interact with industry experts, trendsetters and other unconventional entrepreneurs, it helps them to ponder on their imagination. These kinds of workshops also help students not just with their thinking process but also to incorporate change where they innovate things which are environmentally friendly, durable and highly sustainable. The students tried their ideas in every possible way and it was not limited to the workshop, they took their learning home and came up with few more ideas the next day which was amazing. JD is always proud to have the students who Inspire, Innovate and Revolutionize.

Inspire, Innovate and RevolutionizeInspire, Innovate and RevolutionizeButton Masala3

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