Industry Specialist – Kavita Mishra – Lingerie Designer

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is on a constant quest to explore diverse areas in the field of creativity. The Fashion Department invited Ms.Kavita for an unconventional talk on intimate wear. The intimate wear industry is still kept under wraps in the country and not openly spoken of. The objective of this talk was to break the stereotype encircling the topic. Kavita is a Design professional with the focus on creating functional & solution-driven products. She strongly believes that design is more about how it works and delivers rather than just being superficially admirable.

An exuberant girl in her own right, she created an environment of free-flowing thoughts and ideas on the lingerie sector. The topics discussed were tailor-made to the questions directed by the students. The subject matter comprised of understanding the lingerie industry with precision. Kavita’s innate passion drove her towards her goal of impact on the young minds. Kavita is passionate about designing products which are ergonomically sound, deliver best to its end users and still fight against the ugly. She believes in creating designs which resonate with purpose.


Industry Specialist - Kavita Mishra - Lingerie Designer industry specialist - kavita mishra - lingerie designer - Industry Specialist Kavita Mishra     Lingerie Designer - Industry Specialist – Kavita Mishra – Lingerie Designer
Industry Specialist – Kavita Mishra – Lingerie Designer


After completing her Bachelor’s in Knitwear Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kavita dived into designing lingerie-a niche yet one of the most technical clothing. She began her career with Zivame- India’s largest & fastest growing e-commerce lingerie retailer. With her 3.5 year association with the brand, she has created some of the highest selling commercial designs, fresh innovations and performance products. She was also the part of brain team behind conducting India’s first of its kind Breast-profiling program which honed her understanding of the female body, its contours & movements.

The ardent believer in working purposefully, she finds inspiration in meeting new minds, sharing ideas and non-stop learning!


Industry Specialist – Kavita Mishra – Lingerie Designer…!


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