Industry Expert – Reuben Jacob – Interior Design Department

Another industrial talk session unfolded in the series of talks for Sustainability, Innovation, and Ethics where an industry specialist was invited to JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Bangalore, to deliver a talk to the students of Interior Design Department. The person of focus was Reuben Jacob who is an architect, maker, and storyteller. He laid the first stone with how sustainability in construction AND fabrication can be obtained by using alternative materials and processes. Sustainability is a mass-accepted concept and gaining importance as most architects talk about sustainability as the endurance of systems and processes. Reuben opines that “Sustainability is designing for resilience”. Designing for resilience simply means that the designs complement the changes that the Earth is subjected to, due to the interference by the mankind. He quoted the example of Shigeru Ban for resilient innovation as Shiberu Ban is recognized for his paper architecture. Reuben and his team collaborated with Proyecto Asilo, Spain and let their creative juices flow in the direction of ethical innovation. They constructed a slum school in Thanisandra by sourcing waste and recyclable materials from old construction sites. A temporary structure was created and dismantled later on.


The discussion also encapsulated a list of sustainable materials and their attributes. Materials such as Rammed earth, Hempcrete, Recycled plastic, Bamboo flooring, Cork flooring, Linoleum flooring, Recycled glass, Coconut shell tiles and Recycled aluminum furniture and fixtures are considered favorable for the interior spaces and products. The session concluded with a summary on the different Green Standards that are present in India such as GRIHA, IGBC, and BEE that help in providing ratings to determine the environmental performance of buildings and spaces, thereby providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a ‘green building/green space’.

Reuben completed his B.Arch from UVCE, Bangalore. He now works at the intersection of advertising and architecture, weaving both business communication and design strategies for clients. Besides running numerous workshops, he has initiated collaborative projects with artists, makers, and architects from across the globe. As head of THE Workshop and Architect of Things at Think Happy Everyday, his innovative approach to making and doing things makes all THE difference.


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