How to transform small spaces into creative havens

How to transform small spaces into creative havens

This ever-expanding universe, ironically, does not provide enough space for all of our stuff. With the rooms growing smaller, it is of utmost importance to utilize the space smartly. It is time to put all those niches and corners, that we often overlook, to use. They can be great space savers and at the same time, make a beautiful addition to the room’s aura. When you have a space limitation there’s not much you can do to decorate. Or so they tell you. Here are some brilliant ideas to turn small spaces into havens.

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How to transform small spaces into creative havens


Attics are the most versatile room in the entire house. They can be redesigned to suit our every possible need.

  • Convert it into a playroom for your kids, or a home theatre when your hall is not serving the purpose. You can make it your quiet place to get away from your troubles. Or into a closet when your other one is full.
  • Make use of the angles: when it comes to the attic, you gotta play it smart. The angles, if utilized can serve for shelves [keep scrolling for shelf ideas] or the bed with the roof littered with fairy lights.
  • The angles work fine when you turn it into a workstation. A centre table for all your work equipment while the slants of the wall as shelves and drawers for all the storage.

How to transform small spaces into creative havens


When you curtain a wall, it gives the room the advantage of a] illusion of space and b] the curtains will cover up your mess. The curtains in sync with your wall colours will provide cosy vibes. it will conceal your storage without cutting down on the space. Most space designers possess a raw skill set which is then later fine-tuned through Interior Design Courses or other skill development courses which equip them to design with the thought for sustainability and the need of the customer.

How to transform small spaces into creative havens


When you have a limited space, shelves are the lifesavers that will organize your stuff, give a decorative as well as a planned look. The shelves arranged into a niche of your room for your plant-pots arranged systematically [vertical greenery], or books arranged unsystematically, coffee mugs, plates, or just random stuff in fancy containers and holders. Even hooks add up to give the shelf an organized look. They can be behind your doors, or beside your bed, or in that rarely used corners of the bedroom.

Make sure you use a uniform material to design your shelves, wood or tile plates.

How to transform small spaces into creative havens


The most simple yet workable idea to make the confined spaces to shine out is to put on the lights.

  • Floating lamp:
    • The floating lamps work as great space savers. The lamp which will otherwise consume space elsewhere can be shifted into that niche. Beautiful crystals, orbs, antique lamps are the options that can work out well in any type of room yes even attics.
  • Bedside Table lamps:
    • The table lamp is a smart investment. The bedside space is well utilized at the same time reducing your efforts to get up in the middle of the night to switch off the lights.
  • Fairy lights:
    • The fairy lights will cosy up your bedroom turning it into a sweet heaven. The starry night-lights are always welcomed after the long day. Or just string the fairy lights on the mirror for more bright effects. Fairy lights will divert the attention creating an illusion of space. The corner and the niche decorated with fairy lights are most beautiful.

How to transform small spaces into creative havens

Confined or not, every space has a definite potential to be converted into havens to suit any purpose. This is a true talent for visualization unpossessed by an untrained mind/ eye. If your passion lies in designing spaces, start your journey by enrolling in the Interior Design Courses like the Diploma in Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

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