How to Choose Your Personal Style

How to Choose Your Personal Style

Take a good hard look at yourself in a mirror. Go full length. What do you see? Or rather, who do you want the world to see? A strong woman? A sensitive man? Someone who believes in breaking the rules, or someone who loves to take it easy and go with the flow? Choose your personal style accordingly. Or if you have mastered the art of choosing the right Personal Style and want to help others, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has the perfect course for you. Enrol for a Diploma in Fashion Styling and help others find their style.

Trust us, unlike what fashion magazines would have us believe, it’s not hard to dress your ‘self’ at all. For most of us, it’s instinctive and comes naturally. But, looks do matter, so, playing up your assets and downplaying the negatives can just be a matter of how you dress up, and an expert push always helps.

How to Choose Your Personal Style


What’s Your Style?

There’s a saying, “Dress as you’d like to be addressed.” This is the thumb rule, really. List down your goals and aspirations. And see where you want to be five years down the line and begin to dress the part right now. Take into consideration your professional as well as personal life, see what you do most, and stock up your wardrobe accordingly. Make a list of the important aspects of your life. If your workplace is like ‘jeans is fine so long as it ’s not torn ’, there is any point in stocking up on saris or formal trousers.

Look, Research, Like, Save

Once you’ve listed down five major points about your life, begin the homework on how to dress to suit your style. Read. See what the trends are. Check out pics of international fashion shows, and save pics of anything that catches your eye. Think. What works for you? Are you a bit of Alia Bhatt, with a dose of Kangana, a dash of Rihanna and a sprinkle of Beyonce? Men, think Brad Pitt, Obama, Modi, Ranveer Singh. Or, do you prefer making your own style chart? One more thing, don’t be unrealistic in your aspirations. The key is to play to your strengths. So, always remember to not get into the fat, thin, fair debates. You are what you are. Confidence makes your personality. Every. Single. Time. So, whatever you wear, wear it proudly.

Note down the colours that catch your eye. Click loads of selfies. Remember, when it comes to fashion, a selfie a day keeps faux pas away. Two weeks down the line, study all your selfies. Which are the ones you think you look the most stylish in? What were you wearing on those days? Is there a pattern? Find it out.

How to Choose Your Personal Style


Pick Your Style

Does your personal pattern tell you something? Did it tell you what styles you like? Are you grungy, chic, edgy, or dramatic? Which genre describes you best? Classic, modern, ethnic, or avant-garde? What were you wearing on most days? Cropped pants? Leopard prints? T-shirts-jeans? Dresses? Formalwear? Tight clothes? Loose kaftans? There is no right or wrong here. What you are is what you wear. Note down everything and you’re one step closer to building that wardrobe that screams ‘you’.

How to Choose Your Personal Style


Don’t Forget Accessories

Oversized sunglasses, or John Lennon owl-eyes? Chunky bracelets or sleek bangles? Bandanna or necktie? Boots or sandals? Earrings or nose pin, or both? Again, anything works. All you need to learn is to do the right mix-and-match with your outfit and other accessories.

How to Choose Your Personal Style


Clean out Your Wardrobe

Unless you’re totally fed up and want to go for a complete image makeover, it’s always better to spend a day sorting your wardrobe once every six months. Throw out things that don’t do it for you anymore. And no, you’re never going to get back into those jeans that are too tight for you, so it’s better to throw it. Carefully note what’s left behind after this cleaning spree and then fill the gaps. Upgrading your wardrobe is easier on the pocket too. So, shop smart.

There you go. Follow these tips and get set to turn heads all around. The last word on this, your personal style describes your individuality and identity. There’s no right or wrong here. Your style should tell the world who you are without you having to utter a single word. Dress with that confidence and you’re sure to rock.

How to Choose Your Personal Style



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