How important is trend Forecasting?

How important is trend Forecasting?

How often have you wondered about whether those baggy jeans that millennials sport are actually appropriate? Despite initially being sceptical of outlandish movements in fashion, it isn’t an uncommon sight to start seeing hoards of others following the same style statement and sooner than you know it, you are wearing the same thing. This phenomenon is called following a trend.

Being a trendsetter in a fad-driven world is awe-inspiring indeed, but predicting those trends is a different ball game altogether. In a trend-driven world, changes in vogue are instantaneous as numerous companies obsessively keep researching emerging trends to keep their consumers coming back to them. This in-depth analysis aids them in making style statements and refined choices and is a globally renowned profession called trend forecasting. Ranging from haute couture to streetwear and mass market, trend forecasting plays a vital role in predicting what is to come. By analysing all the aspects of the fashion world, organisations are better equipped to adapt to a shift in trends brought about by the advancement of time.

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WGCN is one such company which delves deep while researching globally relevant content which includes bespoke consultancy services, daily trend intelligence, and retail analytics to name a few. They employ a few chosen experts from every continent in the world. They present you with information about forecasts in fashion, interior and lifestyle, as well as retail decision insights. One of their major services is called buyers intelligence which is basically a well-rounded guide for potentially interested buyers.

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Fashion forecasters predict various trends with the influence of materials, textures, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, graphics, and colours. Pantone is a pioneer in the world of tints and hues. They study and predict all kinds of colour combinations and patterns. In addition to providing customised solutions for a more effective colour strategy, they also have a ‘seasonal fashion colour trends’ report and their popular ‘colour of the year’ prediction. Colour intelligence is a very popular segment of theirs which provides colour guides, formula guides, bridge sets, and shimmery metallic hues too.

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There are several establishments that gather such data and provide you with relevant information. Some popular ones are, Trendwatching, Trend Hunter, and PSFK. The presence of these companies providing the world with what is to come exhibits the dire need and vitality of trend forecasting today. The real question is, how important do you think it is? Do you want to stay in the comfort zone of a non-digitalised yesterday or do you want to step out into a world full of options?


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