Going Beyond the Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Talk at JD Institute

Fitness is the key to a healthy life for years to come. Even a small effort towards incorporating a healthy lifestyle counts and ensures the overall betterment of the individual. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology always believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Keeping health a priority, a Breast cancer awareness talk was organized for jediiians and JD Faculty members in association with ‘MyClinicare’.

Ms Victoria Rani, an outreach co-coordinator for Myclinicare Bangalore along with Ms Ashwini and Ms Malini embraced the event with their informational and inspirational talk. The session was led by Ms Victoria who shared her own journey and experiences working as a first-hand person with a breast cancer survivor. In addition, she works closely with women who have chances of getting breast cancer symptoms and suggests steps in terms of early detection.

Going Beyond the Pink

Awareness is a very effective tool that can increase breast cancer patient’s chances of getting it treated, but this action is a must in the early stages of the onset of symptoms. For it, it is extremely important to be aware of the causes and symptoms which can be cured at the earliest. Learning how to be aware helps people to understand which changes are normal and which aren’t. Based on it, Students were given knowledge on what is breast cancer about? And the risk factors behind it.

Going Beyond the Pink

The talk also highlighted the purpose of self-examination. The practice of self-examination is a way women can empower themselves and can take up the responsibilities themselves. Jediiians in concern for their own health as well as for their family raised few questions and doubts regarding the Breast Cancer Symptoms and Breast Cancer prevention Procedures. The talk ended with a thorough knowledge and understanding regarding the breast cancer care. Such healthcare and medically related talk help our fashion design course and interior design course students to look after themselves and live a healthy life.

Going Beyond the Pink

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