Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials | Fashion Design

Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials | Fashion Design

Millennials want more than just fashion in their wardrobe. Clothes mean comfort, identity and an activity for every 20 year-or-so out there. Ethical fashion is something NEW that matters to everyone who does shopping. The millennial population wants their clothes to define who they are. And how they live. Their choice of fashion is on the fast-lane; an experience of wild fun and work culture. And, it’s not going to be gender-binary if it has to be in the cart of the shopper. The millennials want fashion to be comfortable, classy, affordable, unique as well as in line with trends.

5 trends fast forward trends that scream independency in Millenials choice of fashion:

1) Simple, Functional, Tasteful: Comfort Redefined

Today’s fashionistas do not want huge trendy labels on their clothing. Unless it’s very trendy. Otherwise, plain awesomeness would do. We have all seen the Ralph Lauren memes, and it’s clear brand logos are a no-no. Abercrombie & Fitch have removed their logos from their campus hoodies. Even in athleisure fashion, brands like Athletics Collective stand against brand logo big boys of Reebok and Puma to create their niche.

2) Upcycle or Recycle: Make it look authentic

The millennials understanding of authentic doesn’t mean it only needs to be sustainable – it has to be socially responsible, too. Irresponsible shopping is decreasing on the trend lines. Millenials are today considering the ability to question the need consciously and if yes, they tend to style the fashion to suit purpose and identity and yet glam it up with a new look every time. Hear it from Gucci who is consulting the millennials!

Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials
Source: WGSN Piti Umo SS 2018
Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials
Source: Hauterfly

3) Singularity or No, fashion is here to express oneself

Millennials want their clothes to not fall into gender singularity unless they want it too. Bindle & Keep, Wildfang have gender fluid clothing and accessories that scream feminist. Also, brands like Toogood and designers in India are bringing in androgynous fashion to the front. Back home, Check out the brand Indie Culture’s release on Duality.

Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials
Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials

4) Fashion is a conscious decision. Need not be expensive.

Millennial and Gen Z clothing scream freedom. Freedom to blur lines of social constructs. People want their fashion to break them free of what they are and say what they want to be. That’s how platforms like Pixie Market or Public Desire emerge; when fashion has to break the class barrier. These clothes look like they’re from Zara and ASOS, but will not burn a hole in your pocket. Interestingly Zara could be potentially tagged as a conscious brand that has understood the Millennials price range and buying behaviour better than anyone.

5) The lust for Capsule Wardrobes

Being a tech-savvy generation, they have access to infinite amount of data. Standing out and breaking through the clutter to make a point calls out for mostly a strong sense of cause. A reflection of the same is leading to a trend of creating capsule wardrobes for the fast-moving and flexible crowd. A capsule collection can span between 12 – up to 30 items in the wardrobe including the essentials and the accessories. Enabling faster decisions, on how to dress up or dress down with limited choices for the go-getter.

Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials
Source: Pinchofyum

6) Alternate Fashion; Political or Social

Political and social views mostly feature in modern-day fashion and millennials tend to grab onto it. Be it an R13 T-shirt going on a rant or short denim that screams streetwear; fashion is here to stay loud. Also, fashion is likely to remain responsible for where it comes from. Alternative Apparel, Style Saint or a United Blue wants to cater to the fashionistas who stay true to their surroundings and want no part of the environmental damage.

Fast Forward Fashion for the Millennials
Source: Detox Catwalk from Greenpeace

Preferences in fashion and everyday wear change all the time, but this does not happen without a good reason – The environment. Speaking of Millenials whose essential characteristic is to dream of and live off the future, we see fashion evolving suite comfort and fantasy of the future driving innovation, sustainability, and expression.

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