Fashion Rewind 2018 | Trends of the year in a gist

Fashion Rewind 2018 | Trends of the year in a gist

We have just entered 2019, but we cannot forget some memorable fashion moments that made the year 2018 stand out. The Year 2018 was of juxtaposition and contrasts, nostalgia and flashbacks, extravagance and minimalism. Elements of the past were the talk of the town.

A year where animal prints took the market by a roar, where we saw mix and match rule the runway, and where glamour was definitely shone through.

Layering was a go-to statement for many designers as well as mass-market brands. It was used in different variations like sheers over checks, block over pastels, and blazers over hoodies, to create more utilitarian and chic looks.


Fashion Rewind 2018


Speaking of colours, we saw a gradual transition from saturated block colours to pastels. As season faded from spring to autumn, the hues changed as well.  There were a lot of animal prints and textures in the frame; we could see that people were opting for more eco-friendly and sustainable options. This is when faux fur and faux leather found their place in the picture.


Fashion Rewind 2018


As they say, history always repeats itself; the same applies to fashion. The very well-known bootleg denim came back in trend this year in full swing. So did the glamorous elements of the 1920’s; such fringes and shiny fabrics.

From Shimmery details to metallic to tassels and florals, this year witnessed major trends.


Fashion Rewind 2018


This year 2018, in conclusion, was the year of fashion throwbacks, and all the trends were beautifully executed. We saw designers such as Versace, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten, Tom Ford etc being more experimental with fabrics, prints, colors, and textures; bringing them together, giving way to newer trends for the coming year 2019.  We are looking forward to a year full of life, in 2019. As spoken by Pantone Color Institute, this year will celebrate passion, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. The color ‘Living Corals’ as lively and happy as it seems, is how we could look at the year to come.

We welcome you to the year of new opportunities and fresh fashion.

Article by: Nazneen Ahmed

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