Fall Winter Fashion trends 2017-18

What are women going to wear for Fall Winter 2017-18? With fashion weeks over almost everywhere in the world, the Fall winter 2017-2018 trend reports are out. Clothes say something about us, our time period, the nation, system and value according to Fashion Theory. Sartorial norms dictate socio-cultural appropriateness. One of the most interesting things about the Trend Forecast this year is the Gender Neutrality, whether it is in terms of silhouettes, colours, accessories or design.  As we become aware, the stereotypical and conventional norms are being broken down and this can be clearly seen in the colours which are forecasted as the major trends for Fall Winter 2018. From neutral nudes and beiges to subtle blues and reds, the whole palette is infused with neutral shades adding versatility for brighter variations.

Fall Winter Fashion Trends


Fashion becomes a key signifier in defining and determining social interaction and behaviour. In accordance with the colour trends, the fashion and accessories trends bear unisex elements. This diversity in fashion, silhouette and style because there is no defined point of view is making this season great. From the juxtaposition of folklore with plastic chic and futuristic silver to cosy knits and feathers and furs, this season is all about experimenting and embracing your true self, innovating your own style and fashion. The key patterns range from Office approved plaids and checks and polka dots to quirky leopard, kitschy scarves and galactic prints. Shoulder pads, blanket padding and double denim will also be ruling the fashion scene.


Fall Winter Fashion Trends


Fashion and beauty are seen as a symbolic representation of social practices, artefacts meaning and visual or textual rendition of clothes, clothing and appearance. Clothing is not fashion, fashion alludes to the unattainable idea which is avant-garde, ephemeral and glamorous and is partially achieved through clothing and accessories.  Hair accessories and hats of all kinds are a huge trend this fall and so is monogrammed and upcycled jewellery. Playing upon the accents of nomadic and folklore, tassels and feather pieces along with office-appropriate hoops and pearls were presented on the runway. Keeping up with the megatrend, accessories also ranged from punk and statement to symbolic and extraordinary. Overall the Fall Winter 2017-18 trends are allowing you to be true to yourself without having to define or belong to any category and this can also be seen in the fact the UltraViolet- a bright and rich purple, which is emblematic of unconventional and which was favored by David Bowie and Prince alike, is named as the color of the year 2018.

Fall Winter Fashion Trends
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Fall Winter Fashion Trends
by Poonam Singh – Fashion Faculty, JD Institute, Delhi

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