Designing for The Millenials – Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

Designing for The Millenials – Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

Accessorizing oneself well, in suitable jewellery plays a crucial role in creating a perfect workwear look. While juggling between stressful Mondays to casual Fridays, the millennials are exploring ways to break stereotypes and sport smart kinds of jewellery. And students in Jewelry design course are continually being encouraged to think creatively, be mindful of functional design, and design jewellery range for the roaring millennial crowd.

The rise in jewellery usage by millennials at work are being fuelled by online portals such as caratlane, velvet case, bluestone to mention a few, that make jewellery buying easier, budgeted and quirky; Attributes that every millennial can associate one with.

Designing for The Millenials - Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

On that note, Diploma in Fine Jewellery course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology is designed to help design students traverse through the mindsets of Millennials, their preferences, behaviour and inclinations towards how they portray their personality while designing Jewelry for them.

Few trends that Designers to make a note while designing Jewelry for Millennials:

Significant and Personalised

Millennials always like to have a conversation and get admired for the story they put up on the table. Having a unique story for the workwear jewellery lends a hand to this case. The jewellery they buy should be symbolic to them, and hence the custom or personalised range of jewellery is much preferred. This gives them a chance to talk about their experiences and how cool they are.

Designing for The Millenials - Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

Function First

The office is where you can’t wear a continuous belling piece of jewelry. Try keeping the jewellery as sober yet quirky or elegant as it could be. Choose functional, lightweight yet durable materials for your designs.

Right Materials and Design.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, students in Jewellery Design Course are given opportunities to work with industry’s best veterans and brands to get an exposure of how designers should bring their ideas to life keeping sourcing, craftsmanship, quality, pricing and other attributes while designing jewellery.

Designing for The Millenials - Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

Explore Materials

On a different occasion, millennials would love to explore right from fine jewellery design to personalised wearables. Coupling materials to give unique looks to the jewellery pieces or designing statement pieces using unconventional metals such as Titanium could be thoughtful ideas.

Designers have to reconsider using high priced gems if the target audience is conscious of price. Avoiding gemstones and visually large designs is the best you can do. Ethnic traditional wear is another kind you stay away from. It won’t suit the dress code or the office ambience.

Convertible Jewelry

Millennials have a broader perspective towards life. Some get themselves tattooed while some of them stand out respective of their appearance. The jewellery you design be versatile, intelligent and smart. Convertible jewellery trend is a hit among millennials, where you buy one piece and yet give it various dimensions as they please.

Designing for The Millenials - Workwear Jewellery Design Trends

Photo Courtesy: Sylvia Bissonette, © J Grahl Design

Wrapping it up, designing contemporary work wear jewellery for the millennials is easygoing.  At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, a student in Diploma Jewelry Design are taught and challenged to think creatively, out of the box. Coupled up with excellent industry exposure and interactive classroom sessions, JDEIIIANS graduate as creative and confident jewellery designers.

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