CSR in Fashion: 5 Compassionate go-to Strategies

CSR in Fashion: 5 Compassionate go-to Strategies

The fashion sector has been growing exponentially worldwide in the last couple of years. This expansion is evident when we see folks flocking the malls and fashion retail stores every weekend. Online platforms have also lent a helping hand in the development of this industry. In the consequent years, the numbers are expected to grow even more. However, in the light of fat profits, what is the stand of social responsibilities?

CSR in Fashion

The concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) oversees the social, economic, and environmental ethics of a company. CSR strategies are adopted by brands to ensure that they are contributing positively to society while doing their normal day-to-day business profitably. Some thoughtful and unique strategies adopted by fashion brands for CSR are:

Marks and Spencer- Plan A

Established and started off by the head of sustainable business, Mike Barry, the CSR strategy followed by Marks and Spencer is called Plan A. There are about 180 ethical and environmental commitments under it. The company aims to be the world’s most sustainable retailer by taking proactive steps like providing fair partnership and a living wage to their staff from the countries they source from.

CSR in Fashion

Gap Inc.

Labour rights are a huge part of ethical business conduct. Gap Inc. partnered with the International Labour Organisation Better Work Program and reinforced their CSR. This organisation supports a constant enhancement of labour laws and standards, contributing positively to society. This change initially started on a smaller level but later expanded to all countries Gap Inc. works in.


One of the best CSR strategy in fashion is seen in the policies of H&M. The company adopted sustainability at the core of its business model. The motive of this move was to increase the awareness of other firms and customers towards fashion sustainability. Their primary focus is highlighting the importance of recycling and thus carefully monitoring each part of their business.

CSR in Fashion


Patagonia has also developed a strong set of CSR policies that concentrate on manufacturing their products with complete environmental sustainability. Apart from being sustainable themselves, they also regularly share the posts regarding environmental sustainability on their social media platforms. In this way, they also make their customers aware of the change that they are aiming to bring while highlighting the importance of sustainability in fashion.


It is impossible not to mention TOMS while talking about CSR strategies in fashion. After all, CSR is the pillar over which TOMS was built. For every pair of shoes that the company sells, it provides a new set for a child in need. The company works with a number of charities in more than 50 countries to provide a sense of comfort to a child that needs it.

CSR in Fashion

CSR is not something that can be managed in a haphazard way. The company has to truly believe the positives it can bring and pledge responsibility to it. The new fashion brands that are flocking in can learn from the amazing CSR strategies of these companies and bring a change to the world today! Dreaming about a career in Fashion Design? Be a sustainable and socially responsible designer with JD Institute of Fashion Technology!

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