Colors to Celebrate – Trends for Interior Design, 2018

Colors to Celebrate – Trends for Interior Design, 2018

Colors play a major role in Interior Designing, whenever we enter a room or any space the first thing we notice is the colors used. It is said our surroundings help us to be calm and choosing the right color is a tough choice. To make your life easy our JD Faculty of BSC Interior Designing, Rohini list down the color trends of 2018 for Interior Designing.

Last year, we were running behind everything and anything metallic. It certainly cannot be denied that metallics added a glamour quotient to the world of interiors. Now, it’s 2018 and let’s peek a boo on what is trending this year. What we get to know from world-renowned designers is that rich deep pigments may work wonders while adding to our colour scheme for interior spaces. This includes beauties like grey, navy, violet or emerald green. If we talk about furniture pieces, they are heading towards the dark side and provide modern yet luxurious feel.

Colors to Celebrate - Trends for Interior Design
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The accessories and décor pieces can have an influence on your travel trips which also include the textures and colours of the textile used around in spaces. Since, we have rich dark colours or the wall and furniture, bold and bright colours and prints would surely add a lot of character to small spaces.

Purples and ultra-violet are here to stay as announced by Pantone and so is green in all its hues. Both the colours do not limit themselves to any particular tint or tone and are welcomed in all variety. Pantone terms Ultra-violet as complex and contemplative, suggesting the mysteries of cosmos and the discoveries beyond where we are now.

Colors to Celebrate - Trends for Interior Design
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Designer Sherwin-Williams says that 2018 will showcase the contemporary life with their three colour palettes: Affinity, connectivity and sincerity.

Warm colours accentuated with the help of bright pinks or serene blues would surely give a sense of belongingness. Warm colours like oranges, deep reds and caramel tones along with neutrals are quite inviting and help to create a cosy and a warm look perfect for a living room of modern 2018. When talking blue, you have the options of pale mint and teal adding some fun to your spaces. Always remember to have a good harmony between the shades of furniture and the ones that you are going to paint walls with. Avoid a cluttered look as it spoils the harmony of a room.

Colors to Celebrate - Trends for Interior Design
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Since past couple of years, minimalism is very much present and promises to remain so in the world of interior spaces in 2018 as well. To follow the look, use washed neutrals and other pale colours like that of sage green or pale pink. You can bring in colours into a room not only through paints but textiles and fabrics too. Textures, be it tactile or visual all the more enhances any neutral colour that you intend to decorate with. Don’t miss upon uneven edges or details as that of handmade objects and materials.  You can observe how textures play an important role in modifying the look of any given colour.

Colors to Celebrate - Trends for Interior Design
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2018 is to witness a comeback of primary colours as well. They work well with rich pigmented walls. Also, companies are ready with paints close natural finish of walls like that of a concrete effect or brick red.

Lastly, few styling tips for easy décor. To bring in neutrals, one can work with raw timber, leather and brass. As mentioned, bring in colours through variety rather than just walls. One hue in varying shades is always a great trick to design and decorate. Use colours in a playful manner and create light-hearted spaces. Happy Decorating.


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