Burncozo – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017 – Cochin

Collection Name: Burncozo
Students Names: Neha M Nair and Heera K S

Burncozo is an exuberant collection that represents individuality, freedom and creativity. The silhouettes are inspired by an art installation called the Hybycozo, which is a series of large-scale polyhedral installations and artworks that investigate geometry through light, shadow and perception. The collection is bold and fearless. Silhouettes are boxy and structured and emphasize in minimalism and progressive fashion. Isometric forms have been incorporated into the designs in a subtle way. The fabric is sourced from seat covers, bags and other surplus materials used for flooring and temporary roofing. Usage of already utilized fabrics like rexin, mesh and tarpoline promote the idea of up-cycling. As these fabrics are sourced from up cycled materials it reduces the consumption of natural resources needed to produce regular fabric. The collection is experimental and transforms the basic nature of clothing.

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Burncozo – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017…!

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