BlackBerrys Trade Show Autumn/Winter 18 – An intern’s experience

Blackberrys is an International Brand which is 25 years old, present in more than 110 cities serving clients all over the world and JD Institute has been a constant partner with them for trade shows for the last few years.  For 2018 the trade show happened in Taj West, Bangalore,the JEDIIIANS were hired again to be interns for a month. The students of BSC Fashion Design degree course was thrilled when they heard about this internship because it’s not often fashioned career aspirants get an opportunity to be part of major Brands. Sneha from Fashion design course narrates her experience

“It was really an honour to be part of Blackberrys Autumn Winter trade show 2018 and this is my review, being part of such a knowledgeable event.”


BlackBerrys Trade Show Autumn



This was our first internship, we were little nervous, but eventually, it turned out to be very memorable and an early experience in Fashion Industry. We learnt about marketing and handling customers with patience and joy. Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city is famous for its multi-ethnicity and it helped us to grasp knowledge on different kind of people from different states, their choices, colour preferences, trends, climatic condition and trends.

We developed our communication skills and the way to present our product to the clients. We got to learn about fabrics, its structure, wash, finish. We were also exposed to networks as we all know, to survive in the Fashion Industry it’s very important to know the right people at the earliest.


BlackBerrys Trade Show Autumn


Blackberrys gave us a target to stimulate us to perform extra and were rewarded with incentives and “Star of the day” award to keep us going. These kinds of gestures nudged us to go an extra edge to achieve our targets and work in a competitive way.

The brand Blackberrys had two main segments CASUALS and FORMALS. Formals ranged from jackets, formal and informal tux, shirts, formal pants, onam collection. Casuals range from knits, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, khakis, casual shirts and a wide range of accessories. We were able to understand the way clothes are arranged, an early training in merchandising and styling


BlackBerrys Trade Show Autumn


We acknowledge Blackberrys and JD Institute of Fashion Technology for providing us with a platform to learn, understand, train our skills, preparing us for our career in the Fashion world.”

JD Institute always believe that the student needs to be part of industry along with classroom training, those experiences help them to grasp the theory in a practical way.

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