Benethic Oneiro – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017 – Cochin

Collection Name: Benethic Oneiro
Students Names: Jayalaxmi G, Janith and Jacinta

Benethic Oneiro is an organic, fresh and environmentally friendly collection conceptualized for Boho chic lovers. Inspired by the untamed and exotic coral reefs, the collection blends up the remnants of the Great Roman Architecture and the textured, soft, flowy, magical dimensions of coral reefs. Reflecting the innovative ability to reuse and recycle to reduce carbon footprint, straws and plastics are weaved into beautiful trims for 3D ornamentations. The fabrics used are organza, silk variants and cotton variants.  Belts and Hip strings inspired by Roman Architecture created out of copper strings from waste cable wires and reused aluminium foils. Ruffles made from Organza are used to show the soft and underwater waves. Women empowerment through Kudumbashree units is another key focus that was given to the collection which is ethical too.  The collection completely justifies the role it plays in today’s market of Green fashion.


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Benethic Oneiro – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017…!

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