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Atarangi Ta-moko – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017

Atarangi Ta-moko – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017

Award Category : Most Sustainbale
Collection Name : Solasta
Students Names : Jesly Joju

Atarangi Ta-moko, an exquisite and exotic shoulder gear is inspired from the Maori tribe of New Zealand showcasing the fine art-shadow art. Creating a future that is both sustainable and innovative while withstanding the ethics is the challenge in hand. Being an ardent fan of avant—garde jewellery, the designer wanted to achieve all the 3 criterion of sustainability, innovation and ethics, wherein, innovation is being kept as the main priority. The shoulder gear is sustainable because of the choice of material used. Veneer sheets also known as wood skin, is being used deriving inspiration from the creative wood carvers of Maori tribe. Thin sheets of wood shaved of, off the tree trunk is used to structure the piece. Minimal consumption and maximum production is the specialty of the material. It is organic in nature and its production and decomposition doesn’t harm the environment. Playing with shadow art, the designer created panels out of recycled paper to let light pass through them at certain angles. The shadow art also highlighted tattoo designs, inspired from the tribal designs and heritage of Maori tribe, imprinted on the piece. The jewellery looks technically challenging but is in fact very easy to achieve. The design has a futuristic feel to it and is more structural. It is perfect for modern women who believe in contemporary and out-of-the-box kind of style.


Photo Courtesy : Jerin Nath (@jerin_nath)

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