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Ashok Y Alam Batch of 2006

Ashok Y Alam Batch of 2006

Ashok Y Alam - Batch of 2006- JD Institute of Fashion TechnologyAshok is currently appointed as head designer for men’s wear for an export house, handling European brands. Worked for various well known brands like Spring Field-Spain, Striyah-Poland, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe London, Mustang-Germany, Teddy Smith-France and ZARA, just to name a few.

He calls himself ‘denimised’. Why? His forte is handling denim fabric. He worked with Arvind denim division for 3.5 years, catering to the European market. And, he soaked himself in the art & science of understanding denim fabrics and wash techniques.

Ashok is not a follower as he strongly believes he has his own path to follow. If possible, he wants others to walk on his path. And, that’s the reason why he chose the field of fashion. He says he always wanted to be a creator and not a follower. Now, that’s a powerful statement!

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