Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing You see a beautiful scene and capture it with a camera. But the picture doesn’t come out exactly as you had imagined. Somehow, the colours do not pop as much, and charm seems to be lost. Photo editing is the perfect tool to help you in this situation. Photo...
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The Stunning Effects of Minimal and Monotonic Photographs Photographs play a huge role in communication. These are images that convey moods, emotions, aesthetics, a sense of place, and so much more. As South India’s No.1 private college and a leading design institute, J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology recognises and appreciates the importance of photography. We...
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Brilliant Photographs That Will Help You to Focus A picture is worth thousands of words. They can show us new worlds and help instil empathy. Pictures activate emotions and can deliver powerful messages. They are a great way to feel encouraged, no matter what the subject. Here is a handpicked selection of a few such...
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Choose the Exciting Path of Fashion Photography Do you love the captivating aesthetics of photography? You go on clicking endless pictures just to get the right shot and are always inquisitive about the camera. If this sounds like you then you might have already considered photography as a career. While there are various fields in...
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Beginner Fashion Photography Mistakes If fashion is art, then fashion photography is the medium that celebrates this art. But unlike the fashion trends that come and go, the fundamentals of fashion photography remain the same. As a beginner in the world of fashion photography, you will have to understand the nitty-gritty of this genre. At...
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6 Fashion Photographs that Captured the True Essence of Style Pictures speak a thousand words. When clicked through the lens of a fashion photographer, it truly captures fleeting moments in iconic style. Seasons come and go and new styles emerge ever so often, often pushing the limits of the boundary between looks and function. Fashion...
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Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners The term ‘Photography’ can be defined in number of ways. A group of people says it is an art. Some says it is an application that becomes perfect with practice. Few people also view photography from creative point of view. The photographers are no more restricted to back and...
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Choosing Right Camera for Stunning Photograph Right from fashion week to the runway shows, and from your favorite magazine pages to the huge banners and hoardings on the street, fashion photography is everywhere. Everywhere we look we see well known faces in stunning photograph and all of these were taken by well known fashion photographers....
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What is Photography When it comes to photography, they say it’s always the eye and never the machine that matters. While the machine has come a long way since its invention in 1816, the eye’s creative depends on the beholder. Since social media accounts have witnessed a boom, it has also led to photography gaining...
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Lens, Lights, in Action! Lens and lighting are two vital aspects of photography. The lens of a camera focuses the light in a manner that befits finesse of the image. On the other hand, it is the lighting which helps the lens focus, improves the clarity, and adjusts the luminosity. In the world of photography,...
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