When you see a star shining on a red carpet or as cover photo, the whole credit goes to his/her makeup artist. Yes, celebrities are just as like you and me. They won’t be always having the perfect flawless skin or eyebrows. To make everything perfect from the roots, a skillful makeup artist hands will...
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Give Your Hair and Makeup a Trendy Spin in 2019 Is your outfit really complete without the best hair and makeup tricks? Trends come and go every season, and to stay updated, you need what adds the right amount of edge and glam quotient on when it comes to hair and makeup. You’ll see even...
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MBA in Fashion Management in India Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Fashion Business Management helps an individual in acquiring a career in the merchandising industry in spheres like product development, buying and selling of fashion, retail management, creative presentation of fashion ideas and marketing. If you are looking for a solid MBA career in...
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Makeup Artist Qualifications Becoming a makeup artist in India demands some serious hard work, focus and networking skills. But the important aspect of being a makeup artist in India is oodles of creativity. Apart from these, there are few more skills needed to be a makeup artist: Attention to detail Stamina, patience and concentration The...
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How to Become a Makeup Artist Makeup now has become a habit that both men and women have. With time, makeup has evolved to become a career chosen by hundreds. Not only are there makeup artists that work for TV, theatre but there are bloggers that run their own channels on online platforms like YouTube....
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