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Accessories, You Complete Me! Every woman wants to look glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, and fashionable and sometimes, even hip and fun. But, wearing nice and expensive clothes isn’t enough to make you look complete. As they say, it’s all in the details! Knowing how to accessorise is essential for the right look. Every woman is different...
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Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques Jewellery is an essential part of the versatile human culture. It is used to complement the looks and attire of the person. Jewellery is a very important article in the present market and is available in all styles and sizes. In the earlier times, it used to a...
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How to Become a Jewelry Designer Jewellery is everywhere. Everywhere our eye turns we see either women or men, flaunting a dashing piece of jewellery you just can’t take your eyes off. But among all these exclusive and intricate design that always seem to be in fashion, we often miss out on the fact of...
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Jewellery Designing Subjects Every women in the world and even men love a good piece of jewelry. Jewellery is one such thing which if designed right, can attract the attention of even the most ignorant viewer. Thus it can be understood that the skills to become a good jewellery designer are high in demand, both...
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Types of Jewellery Designing Courses Women are fascinated by pieces of jewelry. A decade ago, the demand for traditional gold pieces of jewelry was observed in the market. The craze for such jewelry still persists in the market. But, women now wish to get more variety in jewelry. Not all economic class can afford several...
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How to Start a Homemade Jewellery Business At Home Jewellery business has become a hot topic today. From the ancient edge, the craftsmen are making jewellery of different categories and designs. But, they were all working for a company, businessmen or traders. But today, all of you can easily make such jewellery at your home...
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A Brief History of Fine Jewellery of India The Beginning: Indus Valley Civilisation India’s love affair with fine jewellery goes back more than 5000 years when the hunter-gatherers of the Indus Valley civilisation likely found gemstones on their explorations, with the earliest discovery of diamond estimated around 4th century BCE. In the neolithic-age Mehrgarh (7000...
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Jewellery Designer Salary A woman is incomplete without jewellery. Female of every age group has a strong fascination with jewellery. The taste and preferences of jewellery may be different for each individual. Some of you may like fashion jewellery, few may have a fascination for costume jewellery, and again a group may have a strong...
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Eligibility for Jewellery Designing Course Jewellery is the kind of accessory that is worn by women as well as men. This is one aspect of fashion that has existed for thousands of years. While in ancient times, jewellery was made out of leaves, seeds, horns and teeth of animals, as civilization evolved, various types of...
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Curation: History and transition through the ages   Not very long ago, curators worked exclusively at the museums, extensively researching the best ways to exhibit an art collection. The term originated from the Latin word “curator”, which means “to take care”. It was a term of exalted reverence, used rarely in another relation than careful selection...
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