Amit Sharma Batch of 2009 – JD Institute

Fashion, as they say, is a statement and if that’s true, he is the man who is all about making a statement of his own. In his own words, he is constantly trying to find words in fabrics, expressions in colour and attitude in trends, cuts and designs. Amit believes to express is to rejoice. He finds his expression in silhouette, cuts, fabrics and mysterious colours of the universe.

Amit Sharma Batch of 2009 amit sharma batch of 2009 - Amit Sharma JD Institute of Fashion Technology - Amit Sharma Batch of 2009His fashion fuelled journey started at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, his alma mater. With a brief stint at some of the well-known fashion design houses and corporate groups, Amit Sharma decided to swim with the globally renowned designer, Sanchita Ajjampur. He is currently appointed as a retail manager at Sanfab – Sanchita’s private label company that works as a creative consultant for Lanvin, Etro, Marni and other European luxury brands.

Amit’s success is the result of his conscious eort to direct his creative energies to the best use. With his years of learning at JD and creative urge in the forefront, Amit plunged into high-end luxury fashion sales & marketing. He soon found his ground there. With numerous prestigious Fashion weeks, national and international retail distributions, brand campaigns, advertising campaigns,
brand endorsements and Bollywood celebrity styling to his credit, Amit has many feathers in his cap. He says he finds strength in words of appreciation and in beautiful figures adorning his work.



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Amit Sharma Batch of 2009 – JD Institute…!

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