The recently concluded Amazon India Fashion week saw an amalgamation of different themes, ideas and inspiration weaved into collections strutted down the runway and the second day had an incredibly flourishing culmination courtesy internationally acclaimed ace Indian designer Ms Rina Dhaka. Rina Dhaka is one of the most reputed designers in Indian fashion industry and is the first women Indian designer to showcase her collection at Paris Fashion Week. She is known to be the designer of modern day women who are willing to experiment and are ambitious and intellectual and free-spirited. Ms Dhaka’s international clientele includes the likes of Naomi Campbell, Martha Marzotto, Uma Thurman, Tara Palmer Tomlinson and Vittorio Radice.

amazon india fashion week - amazon fashion week12 - AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK – RINA DHAKA

Rina Dhaka’s latest have pieces which are not only chic and pleasing to the eye but are functional as well. Each piece from the collection can either be paired on its own or with other pieces from the collection. The pairing of sheer flowy silhouettes with elegant knits provided a relaxed and classy vibe to the collections and is perfectly suitable for the intended season.

amazon india fashion week - amazon fashion week13 - AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK – RINA DHAKA

Intense Floral prints with details and trims of ruffles, lace, sparkles, and frills added to the vintage vibe of the collection. Speaking about her collection, Rina Dhaka said,” It is a vintage vibe in a new look. What is going to really dominate the fashion scene for a while is the look from your grandpa’s wardrobe. Everything big.” The entire collection had this incongruous vibe where separate pieces were presented with pieces which were totally contrasting but when put together everything came out together looking beautifully articulated.

amazon india fashion week - amazon fashion week14 - AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK – RINA DHAKA

amazon india fashion week - amazon fashion week15 - AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK – RINA DHAKA

In an era of #MeToo, I struggle to bring peace against the turmoil to bring hope against chaos”, said Rina Dhaka speaking about her show at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2018.

Designing is never related to solely clothes but what is equally important is the idea that is the whole essence of the collection. A proper series of steps need to be followed to come up with a collection that does justice to the inspiration at every step from embroidery to silhouette and even during the execution on the ramp in the form of props and accessories. Keeping this in mind, Rina Dhaka, who is the Industry Mentor for Fashion Design student at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, India, will be taking under her wings few fortunate students from the institute and will nurture and guide them for their collections.

*All pictures from Rina Dhaka’s Official Facebook page except for picture no 2 (Picture on right, first page) which is from Cosmopolitan magazine’s official Indian site.

*All the quotes by Rina Dhaka are taken from open source articles and have been quoted by her only.

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