Aartha Parambrya – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017 – Cochin

Collection Name: Aartha Parambrya
Students Names: Stiffy Anoop, Liya K J, Sumy Sunny

Aartha Parambrya is a collection that depicts the values of a traditional culture and Indo-western fusion and inspired by the elements used in the popular dance form Kathakali and butterfly. The garments portray a culmination of patterns, colours and silhouettes inspired by butterfly and Kathakali. The garments have incorporated the sustainability factor by the usage of recycled embellishments such as mirror frames, beads, wooden threads and laces. These embellishments were taken from the waste fabrics and experimented detailing with recycled materials. Lightweight flowy materials are assembled out of synthetic fibres and wavy fabric possessing a smooth texture is used. This collection is an aim towards elevating the status of dance and art forms of India through contemporary clothing.


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Aartha Parambrya – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017…!

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