September 28, 2019


JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore organized a 3-day Employee Wellness Programme for the faculties, which was conducted by Ms. Divya Goel, Counseling Psychologist and Ms. Swati Banerjee, Counseling Psychologist from Udgam along with Ms. Rashmi Ramesh, Art Based Therapist and Life Skills Trainer on 26th, 27th and 28th September 2019. The programme was an...
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QUINTESSENTIAL ALLURE–JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design “Always have fun with fashion, dress to entertain yourself.” —- BETSEY JOHNSON —- Designers Joseph Laibin P. and Aswathy V. V.’s collection, Quintessential Allure has been inspired by Barbie Doll. The collection lays emphasis on exaggerated bow placements which was inspired from Holiday Barbie 2009. The...
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QUAINTRELLE VIRAGO–JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design “Androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them.” —- Dr. June Singer —- Designers Nisha S and Shemi Mol’s collection, Quaintrelle Virago was inspired by Razia Sultan, the first woman ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. In this...
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NIRVITHARKA–JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design “Fashion started with the draping technique.” —- ANONYMOUS —- Designers Vishnu S and Sree Rakhi A. S.’s collection Nirvitharka means unchangeable and is a low cost experimental women’s occasion wear. It was was inspired by the simplicity and draping method of the attire worn by the Ancient...
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NACKTHEIT KUBISMUS–JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design “If you really want to rethink how you make a piece of clothing, imagine growing a dress in a vat of liquid with bacteria. Unlike any traditional textile process this is closer to brewing beer or growing food.” —- SUZANNE LEE —- Designer Merlin Abraham’s collection,...
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MARIÉE EN CRISTAL –JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design MARIÉE  EN CRISTAL “A wedding gown is about SELF-EXPRESSION, and the bride should choose a dress that reflects who she is above all else.” —- VERA WANG —- Designer Mithun’s collection, Mariée en Cristal means “Crystal Bloom” and is a line of unconventional christian bridal wear...
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GRANDHIKA–JD Annual Design Awards 2019 | Fashion Design “I like things to be modern and still have a touch of tradition.” —- ALEXANDER MCQUEEN —- Designers Aida Gabriel and Sooraja Biju’s collection, Grandhika was inspired by the theme of Met Gala 2018 – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The collection is a reflection...
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