June 9, 2019


ESPRIT LIBRE – CURATOR – JDADA2019 Peasant tops, flowy fabrics and flowing prints… oh my! This chic, bohemian and one of kind collection of garments is designed for the strong, independent, bold women on the move who are not afraid to make statements and be noticed. The designer has taken inspiration from the Indian Banjaras...
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ROOF RIDERS – CURATOR – JDADA2019 We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion, it’s like hunger and thirst – you need them both. Every man needs a roof over his head. Let’s ride back to the days where most of the rooftops were of clay. The designers of this men’s wear collection...
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TALAASH PEHCHAAN KI – CURATOR – JDADA2019 In the world, where everybody is talking about feminism and gender equality, there are still 50% women in India who are still uneducated and have to use their thumb impression when there is a need for them to sign. The designers of this collection believe that instead of...
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THE OLD WORLD – CURATOR – JDADA2019 Harem of Ottoman Empire’s elite – because of their secluded nature- are difficult subjects in art and history. It is often portrayed as illicit dungeons, where exotic women are stored for personal use. However the reality of Harem is very different. Bringing light to the reality of harem...
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PREMIER PADMINI – CURATOR – JDADA2019 O dear Padmini, Mumbai’s iconic kaali peeli taxi named after legendary Indian queen, was synonymous with Mumbai for half a century will soon embark on their final journey. The new wave of private cabs have made historic kaali peelis seem outdated and clunky. The designers took the compact black...
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BHOOMI – CURATOR – JDADA2019 Be it deep or shallow, red or black, sand or clay, the soil is the literal and metaphorical skin of the earth. It is the thin layer where rock and life intersect to form the basis of our existence. Whether we realize it or not, soils provide services that make...
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