April 18, 2019


Runa Ray – Jury Video – JDADA 2019 JD Annual Design Awards is around the corner, the JEDIIIANS have just done with their External Jury. Runa Ray the Famous Designer who was part of the Jury shares her experience about the entire collection. Brief About the Theme This year’s theme is Curator. We’re inspiring and...
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JAL RITI by VINA-ZIN The memory of water is a concept from which our student designers have taken inspiration for the collection. “Water has a perfect memory and it’s forever trying to get back to where it was”. This collection manifests the essence of this quote. The different colours of water used in this collection...
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URBAN DECAY by REVIVALS Keeping in mind creativity, imagination and observation, our next team of student designers have showcased their talent by making garments from waste materials. The aim was to create utility clothing and reuse textiles and trims. Creatively woven fabric swatches and placement of waste buttons are the focal points of the garment....
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TANTRA by TIKHI MIRCHIS This line of cocktail and evening wear is inspired by the Make in India logo a lion symbolizing strength and national pride. In Indian folklore, the lion denotes the attainment of enlightenment, power, courage, pride and confidence. With digital prints of the wheel on the garments, the collection denotes peaceful progress...
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LIQUIFACTION by THE MAYANS The ethereal beauty of candle melting is what has struck the heart of the designers for this collection. The flames of the burning candle are soft, illuminating and touch the soul. Taking inspiration from the mesmerizing flickering flames and calming effect of candlelight, our designers have created this into the western...
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PARADOXICAL by Mayana Kapasi Paradoxical is the statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true. A situation or statement that seems to be impossible or difficult to understand. That’s why it is different, “new”, “fresh” and eye-catching. The cuts and silhouettes used in this collection are bold, structured and geometric which is...
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TREASURES OF THE DEEP by DUO The sea keeps its secrets well. While a human has explored, documented, and colonized nearly every stitch of land on the planet, the vast expanse of the ocean remains a mystery. The world beneath the ocean’s surface is amazing and full of surprises and life forms that we never...
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Controlled Chaos by Nomads An artist who wishes to present his or her masterpiece to best effect would do well to hide it under a drape and unravelling it at the right moment, to be marvelled at by onlookers. Our young student designers hope to create just such a vibe and tease the onlooker, by...
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Electro Koture by Hadeel Merchant “The best way to predict the future is to create it” This collection brings together technology, style and branding like never before. It’s shaping today’s vision of the future. ‘Light’ emitting wearable garments, styles, colours, cuts & futuristic clothing making a tres chic statement on Indian runways. It’s the first...
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SPUNKY by FREAKS Contemporary adolescent and young adult culture have embraced tattooing and body piercing, ostensibly as a form of self-expression. This club wear collection is inspired by body modification which means deliberately alter one’s physical appearance.  Body modification resembles aesthetic enhancement, spiritual enlightenment, signifying social status and marking major life milestones. This collection features...
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