March 6, 2019


Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately? Smart shopping has a new name and that is ‘buying from resale’. More and more women prefer shopping from resale fashion sites, which has caused fashion resellers to come to the mainstream. They offer an outlet for impulsive buying without having the ‘buyer’s remorse’ later. According to...
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CSR in Fashion: 5 Compassionate go-to Strategies The fashion sector has been growing exponentially worldwide in the last couple of years. This expansion is evident when we see folks flocking the malls and fashion retail stores every weekend. Online platforms have also lent a helping hand in the development of this industry. In the consequent...
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All You Need to Know About Fashion Blogging in 2019 Fashion blogging is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for a while now but has only recently started gaining momentum. Those who were considered as wannabe editors are now influencers of fashion and are paid very well to boot. If you’re...
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The Future of Fashion is Fur Free. Here’s Why Gucci, Micheal Kors, Hugo Boss, Armani – do you know what all of them have in common apart from being high-end luxury fashion brands? They are all fur-free right now! While for many fashionistas fur might represent luxury and old-school glamour, for others it means needlessly...
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Riding the Instagram Wave: 5 Fashion brands who nailed their strategies The fashion industry is buzzing on Instagram like no other. The fashion brands seem to have got it all sorted when it comes to engaging their audience with posts and stories. Instagram has become the preferred platform as compared to Facebook and Twitter. These...
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