January 24, 2019


Jewellery Designing Subjects Every women in the world and even men love a good piece of jewelry. Jewellery is one such thing which if designed right, can attract the attention of even the most ignorant viewer. Thus it can be understood that the skills to become a good jewellery designer are high in demand, both...
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What is Entrepreneurship The word “entrepreneur” originates from a thirteenth-century French verb, entreprendre, meaning “to do something” or “to undertake.” By the sixteenth century, the noun form, entrepreneur, was being used to refer to someone who undertakes a business venture. In the ever-changing world of business, a course in entrepreneurship can go a long way. It prepares a person to...
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MBA in Fashion Management in India Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Fashion Business Management helps an individual in acquiring a career in the merchandising industry in spheres like product development, buying and selling of fashion, retail management, creative presentation of fashion ideas and marketing. If you are looking for a solid MBA career in...
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How to Start Interior Design Business in India Interior design involves the conversion of empty residential or commercial spaces into fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient homes or offices. This business involves a lot of creativity, efficiency, and aesthetics. In addition to these, interior designers are also required to keep up with the times with...
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How To Become An Interior Designer Without A Degree & No Experience To become an interior designer without a degree, you would need to have the following skills: Ample understanding of light, shapes and spaces A creative bent of mind In-depth knowledge and psychology of colours How to combine colours Knowledge of ventilation and air...
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How to Introduce Yourself As An Interior Designer With so many colleges and institutes churning out hundreds of interior designers every year, it can be difficult to introduce yourself as one of the better interior designers who would provide real value to clients. This article looks at how one can introduce oneself as an interior...
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