July 13, 2018


Street Dazzle – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Street Dazzle Designers: Avishya.Ch, Shubhashini.K and Chiranjeevi DFD October 2017 ‘Street Dazzle’ features the street bling style. The collection is designed from upcycled leather waste from factories and deconstructed denim. Inspired by Basque health building, the leather skin has been cut into artistic...
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Bagathon – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Bagathon Designers: Supriya, Anjali and Hussaina June A 2017 REDUCE AND REUSE drives the collection Bagathon. Using the simple thought process of utilizing all the cloth bags found in every house, the designers have showcased an exciting and colourful collection. The garments have an...
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What Knot – Change – JDAnnual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: What Knot Designer: PoojaArora ‘What Knot’ is a trendy dynamic indo western women’s wear collection. Inspired from the concept of ‘Recycling’ this collection highlights the techniques of ties into surface ornamentation. The silhouettes of the garments are asymmetrical with unusual cuts. This collection celebrates the joy and...
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Strenuis – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Strenuis Designers: Naailah, Reema, Shreya DFD June B 2017 Strenuis brings a change for the physically challenged people. The focus of this collection was to understand the types of deformities of such people and bring significant solutions to it. Fasteners like magnetic buttons and...
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Accuretive – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Accuretive Designers: Greeshma, Payal and Yash from DFD June B 2017 Acupuncture is the change the designers have brought in through their collection-Accuretive. The garments help in healing out diseases in much easier and convenient way without any harm and side effects. The aim...
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Exploring Birthstone by Month  Neethu Krishne – Faculty of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, have described the Importance and advantages of Birthstone in everyone’s life. Introduction: Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. This means the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. For example, the...
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The Best of Haute Couture: Paris Fashion Week 2018 Paris fashion week is the time when the Fashion World takes a break from the fast moving industry; it’s the time the world steps into the fantasy of high fashion. Haute couture 2018, Paris has once again pushed its boundaries to give us the most grandiose...
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