July 2, 2018


 Functional Wardrobe– Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Functional Wardrobe Designers: Praveen Kumar H, Mahendra Kumar, Sahana B A (Group75)   Bachelors are known to face problems with organising their wardrobes; Designers have recognised this problem and have come up with innovative design solutions to efficiently manage space. This wardrobe is a...
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Foyer4u – CHANGE – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Foyer4u Designers: pooja jain, Ayesha Ahmedulla Khan, Afra Tabassum Touheed (Group 74) Foyer4u is a Contemporary style, the focus is to provide space for everyday product. It is a multi-storage product, where items which are carried out while going to office or market can...
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Celebration of Change in Design: JDADA 2018 Kochi One of the most exciting times in the life of a fashion design student is participating in the annual fashion show. The JD Annual Design Awards is put forward every year to bring out the best from the students and send it down the runway. With an...
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Perforancer – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Most Imaginative Collection Collection Name: Perforancer Designers: Sohinee, Ravina and Varsha DFD October 2017 ‘Change’ is an act or process through which something becomes different. Taking this as an inspiration, the designers have come up with a collection – ‘Perforancer’ which is a garment line...
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Vastus Sero – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Best Executed Collection Collection Name: Vastus Sero Designers: Chandana, Dinesh and Sathish (DFD March 2017) ‘Make something new out of the old’ drives Vastus Sero. The garments are constructed using the left-over fabrics from studios and local boutiques aiming for seamless patchwork. The concept...
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Traits and technologies that Interior Design Students should know to become pro’s in their Industry Interior Design is the art and science of designing functional spaces according to people’s behaviour. An Interior Design Student after successful graduation is hired by individuals, architects or companies to work on a project after the architect has laid out...
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