February 8, 2018


Phoenix Market City Installation
Phoenix Market City Installation – Promotion of sustainable textile In recognition of Indian culture and its importance, JD Institute of Fashion technology did an art installation to share the knowledge of sustainable Textile art and natural dyeing practices in our holistic culture. The art installation is not about just making it visually attractive for spectators,...
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JEDIIIANS for a Cause - Observing World Cancer Day
JEDIIIANS for a Cause – Observing World Cancer Day Every Institute or college should cultivate students in giving back to the society in some way, apart from educating them. World Cancer Day is observed every year on 4th February, a day to raise awareness, prevention by detection of this deadly disease, nothing better when the...
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Teen trends 2018
Teen trends 2018 – An exciting year in Teen Fashion Akshata and Sreekanth Nair from Postgraduate in Fashion Communications course, JD Institute of Fashion technology forecast the trends which are in for teens for the year 2018.     Just as the metaphor of the phases teenagers go through, the fashion and more personally their...
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