December 28, 2017


Lines of Identity by Anusri Venkatesh & Etremoi by ARCH-EN-CLE This is what I am. I am a DREAMER And Love to live in my bubble, where I RULE. I am a NOMAD; UNSTABLE AND IMPULSIVE. Does that make me a BAD PERSON? No, Just a BADASS, who won’t we JUDGED. I make my life,...
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JAL RITI by VINAZIN – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Jal Riti by Vinazin – Indifferent – Mumbai – JD Annual Design Awards The memory of water is a concept from which our student designers have taken inspiration from. “Water has a perfect memory and it’s forever trying to get back where it was”. This collection manifest the essence of this quote. The different colour...
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ELECTRO KOUTURE by Hadeel Merchant – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Electro kouture by hadeel merchant – indifferent – Mumbai “The best way to predict the future is to create it” This collection brings together technology. Style and branding like never before. It’s shaping today’s vision of the future. ‘Light’ wearable garment, style colours, cuts & futuristic clothing making a style statement on Indian Ramp It’s...
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DIVINE LOVE by AADYA – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Divine Love by AADYA – Indifferent- Mumbai A mother is more than a memory. She is a living presence. Your mother is always with you. She is the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she is the smell of certain foods you remember, a perfume that she wore, she is the...
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Controlled Chaos by NOMADS – Indifferent – Mumbai An artist who wishes to present his or her masterpiece would elicit as suspect able vibe by hiding their canvas under a drape, unravelling it to be marvelled by onlookers. The student designer for this collection hope to create such a vibe, a tease, by placing all...
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