January 2017


Review Session by Ambika Thandavan Review Session by Ambika Thandavan is currently the Senior Designer at C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons. and is an internationally qualified jewelry designer, product developer and management professional with an inherent passion towards creating and developing innovative products. She has over 8 years of work experience in the luxury jewelry industry in...
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SPUNKY by FREAKS – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Spunky by Freaks – Indifferent – Mumbai – JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Contemporary adolescent and young adult culture has embraced tattooing and body piercing, ostensibly as a form of self-expression. This club wear collection is inspired by body modification which means deliberately alter one’s physical appearance.  Body modification resembles aesthetic enhancement, spiritual enlightment, signifying...
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PRATISHTHA by Soniya Chandorkar – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Pratishtha by Soniya Chandorkar – Indifferent – Mumbai – JD Annual Awards 2017 Paithani, one of the richest arts in the country can boast of. Estimated to be 2000 years old, a Paithani garment was associated with royalty and treated as the prized possession. Despite having a royal beginning, Paithani lost its mojo somewhere down...
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MEERA by Chhaya Gandhi – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Meera by Chhaya Gandhi – Indifferent – Mumbai – JD Annual Awards 2017 It is extremely difficult to find a parallel to this wonderful personality – Mira – a saint, a philosopher, a poet and a Sage. She was a versatile genius and a magnanimous soul. Her life has a singular charm, with extraordinary beauty...
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MADAM OF ELEGANCE by THE FASHION WARRIORS – Future Origin – Mumbai - JD Annual Design Awards 2017
Madam of Elegance by the Fashion Warriors – Indifferent – Mumbai This collection brings in the limelight the various qualities a woman possesses at varied situations of life. From being soft hearted when it comes to family and relations to being strong when it comes to fighting for the betterment of country or family, a...
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Interactive Talk by Roshni Rajendra Interactive Talk by Roshni Rajendra manages the content on GreenStitched and its feature enhancements. She has worked on resource efficiency projects for apparel factories. She was invited to JD Institute of Fashion Technology to share tidbits on the approach towards accepting and acknowledging sustainability. The term sustainability is subjective and according...
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Luminescence by Aham Lanak – Indifferent – Mumbai Nature has always been the very first inspiration for every artist in every sector. This collection is inspired by the Japanese glowing forest. With the lights off, the forest returned to its primordial blackness, the cluster of glowing green dots became visible on the forest floor: luminescent...
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Liquifaction by the Mayans – Indifferent – Mumbai The ethereal beauty of candle melting is what has struck the heart of designers for this collection. The flames of the burning candle is soft illuminating and touches the soul. Taking inspiration from mesmerizing flickering flames and calming effect of candle light designers have created this indo...
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January 2017
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