10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

Fads are a kind of craze or collective behaviour where a group of people avidly follow an impulse for a brief period. Following a fad might sound fun, exciting and crazy to everyone, but it is not worth making a lot of investment in. A simple alliteration is enough to vouch for this idea: fads fade. In other words, what goes up must come down. On the other hand, a trend is a phenomenon that goes on for years, sometimes even decades. Some fads go on to be trends, but most of them die an early death. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, which offers Design Courses In India including  Fashion Design Courses like the Diploma in Fashion Design and more cultivates a curriculum that helps the student understand how imperative it is to analyze the impact of fashion of the past in shaping that of the future.

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

The product lifecycle of a fad is entirely different than regular commodities. It picks up growth in a concise time after the introduction, and its decline is also as quickly attained as it rose to popularity. In the 90s, our fashion sense mostly only included the choice of our mothers. As much as we hated it or now make fun of our picture collections, there is no denying that we see similar fashion trends returning to the markets. They are now making a comeback with little makeovers to match current fashion markets. To name a few:

1. Leather Jackets – Just when we thought the trend had passed, its onset is felt again. With an initial investment, the leather jacket is a long-term wear. It suits with every kind of attire and looks just as stylish as ever.

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

2. Round glasses – These were considered nerdy and geeky until some time ago, but have now, successfully made the cut. Made a comeback through the sunglasses segment, but have extended to prescription glasses too.

3. Denim Jackets/Shirts – If there is one thing that every girl’s wardrobe will have, it is a denim jacket. It is an all-weather attire, can be efficiently used for layering and can be paired with almost anything.

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

4. Chokers – Kendall Jenner was the first to sport a choker on her Instagram page. They come in unlimited options and designs and can be paired with both western and Indian attire.

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

5. High waist Jeans – The trend had been suited for low waist jeans for quite some time now. However, the time has passed, and high waisted jeans are back in fashion.

6. Neon colours – We always associate these colors with movies from the 90s, but they can well be spotted in trend lately.

7. Dungarees – A short one or a long one, if adequately styled, dungarees can help you give the best fashion statement of your times.

8. Flannel Shirts – They can be worn as either a layer over tanks or as regular shirts and have been doing the rounds now. A bold and carefree style statement at its best.

10 unexpected fads that made a comeback as trends

9. Crop tops – They can be worn with any set of bottoms and in almost any environment.

10. Denim skirts – These are suited for everyone, irrespective of their age or body type and have been making a gradual comeback.

Next time you want to know what the latest trends are, just look through old picture albums.

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