JD Eduational Trust
JD Institute of Fashion Technology,
# 79, 2nd Cross, Lavelle Road,
Bangalore - 560 001
Phone: 080 2227 9927
Mobile: +91 99019 99903-04 | +91 94803 23232
E-mail: jdfashion@jdindia.com

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JD Institute of Fashion Technology,
No 18, Edward House
Brigade Road
Bangalore - 560 001
Phone: 080 2227 9927
Mobile: +91 99019 99903-04 | +91 94803 23232
E-mail: jdfashion@jdindia.com

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JD Institute of Fashion Technology,
No. 789, Double Road, Near Just Bake, Yelahanka New Town,
Bangalore - 560 106
Mobile: +91 99642 17700
| +91 99643 17700
E-mail: yelahanka@jdindia.com

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JD Institute of Fashion Technology,
526/12, 33rd Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore - 560 011
Mobile: +91 98456 23000
E-mail: jdjayanagar@gmail.com

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Courses Offered

JD Institute of Fashion Technology: the premium institute of fashion designing

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore is recognized as an expert in identifying, educating and promoting resourceful individuals who have gone forward to leave their distinct mark on the Global Fashion scenario. The institute boasts of successful graduates, numerous design professionals employed by recognized brands worldwide, and a promising number of successful fashion entrepreneurs. The school has established itself as a cradle of global fashion talent, boasting an acclaimed list of alumni.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is a prominent player in the National and International fashion scene and works closely with the industry leaders .This transpires into huge opportunities for the students to participate in the real world of fashion, thus giving them multiple opportunities to work closely with the choicest brands , shows, exhibitions and competitions, while still pursuing their education at the Institute.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore offers an array of meticulously crafted degree and diploma programs to design aspirants. We create a perfect academic harmony with impressive educational standards and hands-on practical learning combined with professionally trained faculty members, industry experts and the latest technology.

The Centre offers you a quality education with real time experience in various fields of fashion and design industry, thus arming you with a deeper understanding of the relationship between design, technology, production and business.

The Bangalore branch is an acknowledged center of education

This fashion institute is regarded as one of the most recognized and popular centers when compared with all the other 25 branches that are situated in the various cities of the country. Fashion designing courses in Bangalore has been very popular in the past few years among the students and the JD Fashion has played a crucial and vital role in it. If you are keen to showcase your imaginations and creativity to the world, this particular institute situated in the city of Bangalore will help you to fulfill all your dreams and aid you in making a successful career out of the fashion designing courses. What are you waiting for? Get your name enrolled today and take a step towards a brighter future!

Some of the successful graduates who have left a mark in the international fashion world

Shane and Falguni
Rocky S
Gaurav Chabra
Niket Mishra
Urvasi Kaur

These are some of the popular individuals who have carved a name in the market both nationally and globally for their unique and distinct sense of fashion. All these personalities have been the graduates of JD Fashion Institute. You have your chance too to make your presence in the fashion industry successfully. This is all possible only when you get admitted in the JD institute of fashion designing course in Bangalore. Graduates from this particular branch are extremely successful in their chosen courses and you never know you might pop up as one of the most popular and recognizable personalities in the industry. Sounds good, isn’t it? Don’t lose the opportunity to mark your presence in the fashion market as well.

Are you searching for interior designing colleges?

If you are hunting for interior designing courses in Bangalore, the JD institute can once again fulfill and accomplish you demands and requirements exactly the way you have always wanted. Apart from rendering fashion designing courses this institute has also created a niche in the market for providing the extraordinary professional training for interior designing. The center located in this city takes pride to include some of the latest and the most modern technologies and methodologies in teaching the courses. Students from all over India and even foreign countries sit for the entrance examination every year to get admitted in this premium educational centre in Bangalore.

What are the highlighting courses available?

1)Jewelry designing courses (Diploma)
2)Fashion photography
3)Textile Technology (M.Sc)
4)Visual Merchandising (Diploma)
5)Fashion Business Management (Diploma)
6)Fashion Communication (M.Sc)
7)Fashion an Apparel design (B.Sc)
8)Interior Design courses (B.Sc)

The Institute is considered one of the best for fashion photography

When you explore the market, you will come across several colleges and institutes that provide photography courses in Bangalore. But if you want to grab the most reliable, popular and budget friendly center, it has to be none other than the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. There are very few places in India that provides photography classes or sessions in the professional approach and this center is one such provider that has helped amateurs to become professional specialists and make name in the industry. Fashion Photography has popped as one of the most lucrative jobs in the past few years and JD Institute is helping the candidates passionate about the subject to make a career out of it.

What is so special about this Bangalore branch?

The best faculty members are chosen for all the courses available.
The students get the opportunities to do internships from the best organizations and firms.
You will be more exposed to the real and practical fashion industry and even get the opportunities to carry out shows with the experienced professionals in the respective fields.
The faculty members will make sure that your talents and skills get showcased at the right time and place.
On completion of the course you start get offers from all the leading companies from all over the country and even some extraordinary students crack in the international projects.
There is job security and graduates from the institute receive high salaries from the very beginning.

These are some of the highlighting attributes that this private institute, Bangalore offers to all its students.

Some of the striking facilities that are provided

Wi-Fi network in the entire campus.
Equipped laboratories.
Well-equipped library with hundreds of books, magazines and journals.
Exhibition galleries to display the work of the students.
Excursions and travel tours.
Extra-curricular activities like dance competition, fashion themed challenges, Sports competition, exhibitions etc.

The above mentioned features are some of the popular activities that are practiced in the college but there are many more that a student can experience and have an everlasting memory. Whether you are interested in interior designing, photography, jewelry or fashion courses, JD Institute of Fashion technology in Bangalore will definitely cater to all your demands and needs in the most comprehensive manner. There is nothing to think any more. Just download the online application form and open up the path to accomplish all your dreams and desires.

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